Has anyone experienced low semen volume without any penile sensivity and erection quality loss?



Hello, i was wondering if anyone ever experienced the sexual side effects in a isolated way, without the collective version of PFS side effects. I have low semen volume issue due to Accutane usage, in correlation with that, i also started to develop dull\less intense orgasms. I can keep my healthy erections just like pre-Accutane state. I didn’t notice any penile sensivity loss except duller orgasms (?).

  • Has anyone experienced low semen volume issue ‘‘without’’ any erection, penile sensivity or libido loss problems like me? I think this is a important question to understand the mechanism of our sexual side effects. Thanks !


Definitely have all that. I used finasteride


I think you are not reading my post entirely or clearly. Please read it again. Thanks.


Sorry, read your post as I was laying down to sleep. Don’t have a problem achieving erections so much and libido and ejaculate volume fluctuates depending on frequency of masturbation and excercise. Sensitivity and orgasm intensity is very weak constantly. Only noticed minor improvements with canabis use but it doesn’t happen every time. I know that’s not exactly what you’re looking for but hopefully it’s somewhat informative.