Has anyone experience "particular" sexual symptoms?

I was wondering has anyone here experience some symptoms without the other ones.

You have erection problems, low semen volume, dull orgasms but NO shrinkage. Or vice versa.

My only problem was low semen volume when i first quit Accutane as many of you know now. But after getting worse slowly in this winter, i have new symptoms and i realize after 5 years that now my penis looks thinner! Is it possible?

Is PFS is a holistic damage to all sections or is it possible to have prostate related symptoms and no other sexual side effects like shrinkage or penile damage?

I was wondering this so much because i never remember realizing any other symptom apart from low semen and morning wood loss. Not a damn bit. But now, it looks like maybe they were already there in the beginning in so small amounts, it just kept getting worse and now im here.

Anyone experience isolated sexual symptoms apart from the classic PFS symptoms?

I had low semen volume that only shot out .25 inches and cumming felt dull as hell. All these symptoms have greatly improved over the last year but still fluctuate.

My biggest issues ATM are severe depression (can control somewhat with meditation and lifestyle choices), nasty insomnia, no morning wood apart from occasional nocturnals, no “active” libido unless I “actively” try to force it by watching porn, and feeling head pressure, nausea, and out of it after orgasm.

Amazingly, I’m the strongest I’ve ever been, way stronger than back in the day. I have great desire to fight back and the weights are my biggest outlet to fight.

I weigh 160 lbs and can bench 225, which is not great but my max back in the day was only 180.

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