Has anyone ever reverted physical changes at all?

Have you improved from the physical side effects or know someone who has?
I mean things like muscle wastage and dried out skin.
Also, do you reccomend me to restart lifting weights? I’ve noticed muscle wastage in my body, but haven’t gone to the gym since I crashed.

It’d be fair to say that you could find posts that say everything got better/ got worse/ stayed the same.

You’ll also find posts that say going to the gym really helps / makes things worse / doesn’t help but people feel better for going / doesn’t make a difference.

For me, I’ve personally seen improvement in my body, post crash. I didn’t go to the gym through the pandemic, put weight on, and lost some strength but I’m going again now and starting to see some benefits.

The thing that you’ll find here over and over is people saying that they think something will help so they’ll do as much of it as possible. You must lift the heaviest weights, take an overdose of a supplement, eat as much of something as you can.

At this point in the history of PFS we can confidently say that if exercise, vitamin D, a particular vegetable and a particular herb (or a selection) could do the trick, we’d know by now.

What we do have is years of people saying “I’m going to try fasting/ working out/ eating only spinach / taking a lot of vitamins” and no consistent results. We also have people who try lots of things for a relatively short amount of time meaning that it’s difficult to find correlation to a change in condition - who can tell what helps then?

We also have, in my opinion (you can disagree if you like), indication that a lot of people slowly feel better with time.

The one thing we can say for sure is that 5ari substances can make things much worse. So avoid them, for the rest of your life.

For everything else, go cautious. If you want to go to the gym, do it. Ease yourself in, see how you feel, go easy for a month rather than go once and decide it’s helping and hitting the heaviest weights.


Thanks for the informative response Greek, I appreciate it.
That being said, I really just want testimony (ideally evidence) of people having been cleared out of those effects in particular. As you say, many just comment on the fact that they are better in general (or in the best cases, that they have been cured completely), but the thing is that I never heard anyone mentioning being able to revert physical changes specifically, as that seems to be a minor thing compared to many other more serious issues.
Especially lipoatrophy and dry skin.
Also, yeah, probably I should try lifting weights, it’s the least I can do to try and improve my situation, but i’ll take it easy and be watchful, many thanks.

In my case there was no significant muscle wastage, I don’t know how to overcome that. But I’m sure moderate physical exercising is beneficial for health in general. You need to choose what fits you the best(not necessary weight lifting, it needs some research) and keep doing it on regular basis.

I had extremely dry skin on my hands, with constant cracks and peeling. What improved this horrible situation for me was most likely a creme with vitamin F recommended to me by my dermatologist. Now my hands look healthy again. Though I can’t guarantee it’s gonna work the same way for you. And I don’t know anything about possiblity of allergic reactions. It’s always better to consult with medical professionals. But my personal experience tells vitamin F could relieve the dryness.

I’d never heard of vitamin f and thought it might be a typo!

“Vitamin F, more commonly known as linoleic acid, is an essential fatty acid from the omega-6 family.
You’ve probably heard a lot more about omega 3 than omega 6, but the latter fatty acid also plays plenty of crucial roles in the body; including maintaining healthy hair and skin.”

Long time readers might guess at what’s coming next… linoleic acid is a 5ari. Bad news.

So far no muscle wastage recovery testimony it seems : (

Woah, nice catch, thanks for researching and sharing.