Has anyone diagnosed Multiple Sclerosis? + Loss of taste


I was searching about my loss of taste and smell. I can’t taste the foods and enjoy them so much, the first bite or first sip is tasty but as soon as i take the second bite my mouth doesn’t feel and sense so much. Somehow, i read that it can be a nervous system disorder and i came with this disease. However, im not sure that Accutane caused this. I never experienced changes in my taste after my “micro crash”. Maybe its just how i am.

  • Do you have loss of taste and smell? If so, when did you notice this symptom? After your crash immediately or months, years after your negative experience with Fin/Accutane?

I just realized my symptom over this 4 years. Is it possible? Or am i just blaming Accutane?

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i only realized this with drinking water. since pfs its not that refreshing anymore after a hot sportive day than it used to be. otherwise my taste is like before. except mediums like movies and music. does not „taste“ as good anymore

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I think you should be concerned if you have NO taste or NO smell. It’s not worth subjectively asking yourself how sensitive your taste buds and nose are. If someone sprays perfume can you smell it?


I have bro…


When did it happen? How much insensitive you are?

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Total body insensitive it happened after 2 months from the first crash then worsened with vitamin b1. I also lost taste and smell and hearing (after ejaculation) this is undoubtedly a nightmare