Has anyone crashed from coffee?

I have developed some paranoia around anything I ingest since I’m scared it could make my already severe condition worse.

And recently Ive been wanting to try a new organic decaf coffee brand I bought made from bourbon and carturra coffee beans, yet I’m scared since I’ve never had those type of coffee beans just arabica.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to crash from coffee beans? I’m sorry, I know this is a stupid question, but I’m just scared of crashing

Hate to tell you but you’ll find a story on here of people crashing from just about anything other than water. Sometimes you just have to live and not worry too much about everything you ingest.


It is possible, I crashed from coffee a couple of years ago, but judging by other users’ experiences it seems like coffee crashes aren’t all that common. Just be cautious whatever you decide to do.

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Oh wow I’m sorry to hear that! May I ask if the coffee was caffeinated?

I wouldn’t say that I crashed, but drinking more than 2 cups of coffee a day made me feel more anxious and gave me deppresion. Usually the day after everything’s okay again.

As long as I take 1 cup of coffee a day then nothing weird will happen. Since crashes vary for everyone it is best to judge based upon your own experience.

I’m drinking alot of coffee every single day before, and since the side effects I got, makes me feel better. Haven’t noticed anything substantial though.

It was mate yes. Worth mentioning that I tried a small amount of decaff coffee last year and got similar symptoms (albeit to a much lesser degree likely due to dosage) so I don’t think the caffeine was responsible.

I drink coffee constantly, always have.

I don’t know what the difference between the arabica you’ve had and the coffee you mention is, but you’re still talking about variants of coffee bean, as opposed to radically different substances.

In this case I don’t think you have much to fear since Bourbon and Caturra are types of Arabica plant, you may even have had them before.

I don’t react well to normal coffee (even decaffeinated, so not sure what’s causing it). I wouldn’t exactly call it ‘crashing’ though, I just get nauseous, anxious and lightheaded from it.

I don’t have that problem when drinking energy drinks, and I like the caffeine boost.
Whenever I do, I stick to no more than one can on any given day as the caffeine dose is quite high and I’m a bit wary of it triggering anxiety, which I have been more susceptible to ever since PFS.

Coffee def makes me crash. The caffeine is rough on the adrenals and there are polyphenols in it as well that seem to not be helpful.

This is so bizarre. You are fine taking Amoxicillin, but coffee makes you crash. Amoxicillin worsens me, but I drink a cup of instant coffee daily and never had any problems.

If amoxicillin makes you feel worse, look into probiotics.

No, I mean it makes me worse at the level of protein synthesis, not gut microbial disturbances. I took one pill and within hours my muscles felt numb and stiff again. I suffer from muscle dystrophy in my limbs and swallowing muscles. A few people developed serious and lasting cognitive or physical symptoms from taking antibiotics.

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That could all be related to microbial disturbances, but you seem more educated on this than me ngl