Harvard+Baylor Recruiting Patients for PFS Clinical Studies


Would it be an issue if you did not have a prescription while taking Propecia? Do they require proof that you took the drug? I ordered it from an overseas pharmacy like I’m sure many of you did here. I hope that is not a problem. Are they still accepting applicants or is it too late?


I am waiting for an update on this Harvard study.

Could someone clarify what qualifies a person for the Harvard study? I will phone them again if I get some money to travel there. They were unwilling to compensate me for travel when I contacted them months ago.


Call the number, it’s worth a few minute conversation to find out for sure. I believe one or maybe even both of the studies will support travel expenses but that is also worth checking. I’m speculating but I think things that may disqualify you would be if you used finasteride for BPH rather than hairloss, you are above a certain age (maybe 45), or you are currently on medication for prospective treatments. I’m sure it would be appreciated by many of us on the forum if you took 5 minutes or so to call Harvard and get the details.



I’m looking to travel to Boston in September 2014 to do the BRIGHAM study. Please would anybody be in a position to offer me a place to sleep for 4-5 days whilst I’m there?

I’m planning to fly from the UK on a Sunday to arrive in time to commence the study on the Monday morning, which should last Monday - Wednesday then fly home there after?

Let me know if you or anybody else can help me out.

Regards Paul


Sorry I’ve not posted anything about the study in Boston on the forum, but I think when I looked at the Boston research topic, the thread was locked. I don’t know where to post on this topic.

There’s not much to report on the study in Boston. They are trying to get this condition more attention in the worldwide medical community. The study included some record of many of my symptoms although insomnia or sleep trouble and body temperature were not part of this study. I think they are on the correct course, but no one knows what is really going on. Allen, the one conducting the study has studied endocrinology and his perspective on that area of human physiology is the same as my own in the most general sense. I left the study feeling good about what they are attempting to do at Brigham and Women’s, but still left on my own for any solutions in the near and long-term.

Because I am going to school soon, I am doing a fast. I am on day 5. However, my limitation is that I have no access to an infrared sauna, which would help in shedding fat, and other unwanted matter. I did not do a long fast prior to now because of the headaches and nasal pain fasting caused, but I am 5 days into this and I don’t think I will stop it until 14 days have passed. A two week fast was part of cdnuts’ recovery, so I am a little bit encouraged by that story and because I have used fasting in the past myself.

I might call about the Baylor study tomorrow.


Do you have an update for us how did your fast go


Has anyone had luck applying to these studies? I’ve sent an email out seeking enrollment in the Baylor study but have received nothing. Is this because they have everyone they need already? Any updates on progress?



Are the any therapists or doctors that can be recommended, in NYC and who are familiar with this issue.


Has anyone been submited to the Harvard Clinical Studies?


I’m Italian, i know that the Italian study of finasteride has a release date on the results, but Baylor and Harvard have been closed before, (in September 2015) eight months after possible that no one knows anything yet ? News on the results or at least on the release date ???

Thank you, for any news.




Same here. I’m dying to see results. Is there not at least some publication date? Usually the way science works is that you submit a paper for publication many months ahead of actual publication (as much as a year or so ahead), and then a publication date is set a few months later when the paper accepted. So I would think by now we would at least know a publication date.






It is likely that they have not discovered anything new or interesting then …
Or someone has put his little hand…


There’s no reason to assume they haven’t discovered anything new. As far as I can tell from this forum, the Harvard study hasn’t stopped. I don’t think the doctors will share much before an article is published. Stay positive but realistic.


a study about the bad effects of finasteride? No way the big pharmaceuticals will just let this happen. In my experience the medical world and the pharmaceutical world aren’t going to hurt each other.


Certainly, it’s probably.
But, however, there is something strange in the fact that in September 2015 (!) have closed their studies and after more than a year have not yet widespread, albeit minimal news about.


Re: Harvard is released!

Postby xptriado » Sat Sep 24, 2016 9:19 am
Full study here: sci-hub.cc/10.1210/jc.2016-2726# … dkoNA.dpuf

so we got:

  • normal peripheral blood results -> something which we knew from experience
  • depression consistent fmri -> which we knew by experience
  • neural sexual circuitry fucked
  • same AR expression in skin as controls ?!?! this was previously found to be higher, what happened?
  • Genes for AR , 5AR2 and 5AR1 are not responsible

Remains this question:

  • What about epigenetic study of the AR?? Who is publishing that?
  • There’s many people with low bioavailable testosterone, this hasnt been caught?

Anyway, these guys didn’t test the right stuff: no epigenetic test. Is anyone testing epigenetics??


So nothing new came from these studies? I thought they promised relief methods to help symptoms? I’m on the verge of suicide idk which dr to contact or what are PROVEN treatments for PFS, but I need some sort of help I’m deteriorating fast

I think I had a crash a few weeks ago and have lost about 20 lbs with zero appetite and my body composition is still the same shape. Have total body soreness and tendinitis I can’t even workout anymore. Idk what to do


Konflict- Hang in there man, I think we were all disappointed in the Harvard study. The PFS Foundation has recently published a list of doctors in the US who recognize and treat PFS patients. I’m sure you can find it on their web site. I am coming up on my 10 year anniversary of PFS. I think years 2, 3 and 4 were the hardest for me. Hopefully the other two studies will come out soon and have more for us to work with.