Harvard+Baylor Recruiting Patients for PFS Clinical Studies


I just noticed that the PFS Foundation has put out a press release about Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine recruiting patients for their respective clinical studies:

pfsfoundation.org/news/docto … h-studies/

I actually saw it on Twitter:


I didn’t realize the foundation had a Twitter feed, but everyone here should now follow it.


Front page looks good mew, thanks for all your help.


Anyone know when the results of these studies wll be released ?

I’m hoping that the shit will hit the fan when they are released,

Hopefully there will be massive repulsives for merck and hairloss industry who pedal this poison.


I’m taking place in the study at Brigham and Women’s. JFYI


Boston, have you had any initial meetings yet? Are they confident of success? This is the only ray of light for me at the minute.


When will the studies take place?

This is a ray of hope.

Please keep us informed Boston.


I am about to start part 2, which is the MRI scan.

If I had to guess…this study won’t be published until 2015. I think it’ll take them the year. They are very friendly and good. But hard to get in contact with, and takes them forever to return phone calls.

I don’t know if any of you have read the specifics of the study and what they will be testing, but its VERY interesting. Very well designed study!!


Instead if being the arrogant guy who is the “know”, why don’t u share with us some of the specifics that we might not be aware of instead of alluding to it


I don’t see how I’m being “arrogant”

Maybe if you withdraw your comment, and then try asking me appropriately next time I will tell you!

I will have to go search through piles and piles of paperwork before I can find the large packet outlining the entire study. If I even have it!?!



I’d be very interested in hearing about the methodology/testing and possible hypotheses.


Hey Boston, any further information on the specifics of the study eould be greatly appreciated … it is very frustrating to know that a study which my greatly improve our situation is going and we ar unaware of the specifics and progress. Thanks


Well tell this clown Finatruth to withdraw his comment.


when will this study finish? any information?


I asked them the other day. They said it will hopefully be submitted within the next few months and hopefully be published before the new year. They sounded optimistic it would all get done quickly and efficiently…

I wonder if thats how good researchers are at such an accomplished institution… its like its an on to the next study typa attitude…idk

that would be great though!


That is excellentt news Boston. If you have any further information about the specifics of the study it would be greatly appreciated, other than that we will just have to wait. I for one am very hopeful about these studies even if they don’t uncover the exact cause, these studies should result in future research which may uncover some answers. There is a root cause to this medical condition and peer reviewed scientific research the only real way of identifying it. It is frustrating waiting for these studies to be completed but that’s life.


Like everybody else here, I hope and pray that this study will reveal a solid lead as to the cause of PFS. I know that in reality it is the first study in what will amount to a longer line of research, but I have so much pinned on the success of this story. Its that glimmer of hope that keeps me going.


I flew there and did not qualify for the study. Its more for impotence sadly anything with orgasm issues is on the back burner. Partly because their is not much info on orgasms in general let alone why propecia causes orgasm issues.


Would it be an issue if you did not have a prescription while taking Propecia? Do they require proof that you took the drug? I ordered it from an overseas pharmacy like I’m sure many of you did here. I hope that is not a problem. Are they still accepting applicants or is it too late?


I am waiting for an update on this Harvard study.

Could someone clarify what qualifies a person for the Harvard study? I will phone them again if I get some money to travel there. They were unwilling to compensate me for travel when I contacted them months ago.


Call the number, it’s worth a few minute conversation to find out for sure. I believe one or maybe even both of the studies will support travel expenses but that is also worth checking. I’m speculating but I think things that may disqualify you would be if you used finasteride for BPH rather than hairloss, you are above a certain age (maybe 45), or you are currently on medication for prospective treatments. I’m sure it would be appreciated by many of us on the forum if you took 5 minutes or so to call Harvard and get the details.