Hangover every Morning

Hey guys,
everytime im waking up i have a huge hangover. But the day before i have not drunk anything alcoholic.
I have this since pfs and i want to know if this is a common symptom of pfs? are here guys that have the same every morning?

Every single morning.
Past days seems dreams. I can’t wake up, I need to wait half hour.

Yep, feel awful every time I wake up

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Yes, I have often the same nauseous feeling compared to hangover. Especially on the mornings. 2 years of hangover now every day, f…ng awesome😄. And I havent drank alcohol in 2 years.

Same here

Yep…right side like liver damage feel like puking every morning…

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I’ve been feeling dehydrated since this all started many years ago. I feel better when I regularly drink water, at the rate of at least a gallon, steadily, throughout the day. Even then, I still go to bed thirsty.

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Not every morning, but it does happen from time to time. Really strange.