The skin on the backs of my hands looks fucking horrible!!!

It’s all shrivelled and wrinkly, looks like tiny little fissures and I have no strength or grip in hands. You can also see veins pulsating on my hands

My skin on the backs of my hands is literally like paper, so thin!

My fingers are now much thinner and almost pure bone.

I still have a fucking horrible itch on the insides of my groin like jock itch

Still feel nothing from drinking alcohol

This is after I’ve been off Propecia now for 13 months!!!

Only slight improvements have been with my sleep and mental sides.

Keep asking myself how this happened to me and how healthy and happy I was just a year ago!!!

same wıth me, but when ı fırst crash, ı had horrıble ınsomnıa, anxıety, panıck attack and depressıon, all are gone. Braın fog, muscle wastıng, braın fog, tınnıtus, dark double vısıon, ed, numbness penıs, veıns, thın skın, face wastıng,bone loss, etc etc etc etc
they are remain.
Everybody says thınk posıtıve, ım posıtıve enough as not kıll myself.

The muscles in my hands have eroded, they are now very thin and feminine.

Yes my Muscles and Bones are fucked up beyond Words…I am not me anymore…The Person who i was is dead…I am living dead Piece of Meat

@Depressed Guy, Gelhead & Finvictim…

Its so shit that we are all like this!!!

I too had insomnia, panic attacks and anxiety when i crashed but now im much better with those, i can sleep 8 hours and have no panic attacks or anxiety, but i am still depressed, i still take anti depressant (Remeron)

Before propecia, 13 months ago, i was 100% healthy. Not once in my life was I ever depressed, NEVER!

Now my health is declining on a daily basis. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think this was even humanly possible and I certainly did not think it would happen to me.

You know what… I struggle and find it hard to even open a jar or a bottle of coke, as I cannot find the strength to twist open the fucking lid!!!

please post pics.

how are you today?