Hallucinations/seeing colored blobs in vision with/eye floaters. Will it go away?

ever since I had my second MAJOR crash when I started taking oral minoxidil after 3 months of PFS I have been having some major visual issues that make me question if I have schizophrenia. on most days the main effects are intense visual snow and eye floaters, but other days I will constantly see flashes of light just out side of my field of vision along with seeing blobs of colored light that quickly disappear after focusing on it. some days text on my phone will seem to bend or move or objects will just “shake” suddenly when they 100% are not actually. I will also often see a weird halo along the boarders of objects when I am not directly looking at them. these boarders are the same color as the visual snow but just more aligned. I have experienced something similar before after a bad shroom trip where text would bend for about 2 weeks after but none of the other effects were there beyond the anxiety that I also now have. I will also add that I have smoked weed pretty much daily since I was 16 but never had issues with it till PFS. after googling this for a little I found a link that described more details of HPPD ( Hallucinogen-persisting perception disorder) and my symptoms seems very similar. I will link the article below

I will add that these symptoms seem to be much stronger when I feel more “out of it” (more depersonalized, depressed, anxious) and when I wake up in the morning or while going to sleep. I don’t have auditory symptoms (besides once or twice while I was 1/2 awake and 1/2 asleep) or delusions. BUT THESE EFFECTS SEEM TO BE GETTING WORSE

I am truly terrified if this develops into full blow psychosis or if it will eventually pass as I am only 4 months into my journey.

ANY input or links from other users that have similar symptoms would be GREATLY appreciated. I am fucking HORRIFIED AND SCARED. Will this go away??? pleaseeee give me something.