Gynecomastia trends

I have suffered PFS for about 3.5 years and was curious if anyone else found that their gyno happened early on in their PFS but subsided. Mine was during the first year, where I got lot’s of chest tenderness. Fortunately it doesn’t seem to have progressed at all.

hey, dj91
I have gyno, too. How are you diese days? Is it cured?

I quit cold turkey on 2009 and every year since it has gotten a little worse. I might have to look into surgery at some point

Hello, Mr. joetz. Thank you for your reply. I read your story. it’s a definitely tragedy. And it sounds strange that your gyno has gotten worse, although you have seen improvements in cognitive ability and have regained some sexual function. Judging from the latter, your distorted androgen system has been repaired to a varying degree. Why your gyno gets worse? I’m so sorry. It’s not right… pfs is really random and unintelligible…

As for me, I had suffered from gyno on medication, that is, about three months before I crashed and fall into pfs after withdrawal. So, in my case, the gyno is not necessarily caused by pfs, namly caused by something epigenetical AR distortion…I have thought. However, it might be not so simple. Even so, your experience is very strange. I can not understand it at all. Of course, it is much harder the set of sexual disfunctions than gyno, but gyno impairs terribly my dignity as a man.

How are your other androgen-related symptoms?muscle and sebum secretion have improved?

I know someone who has gynecomastia. Incidentally, he eats lots of chicken and turkey breast. I steer clear of eating the breasts. I’ll leave that for women. Since eating lots of chicken and turkey testicles though, mine have gotten bigger.

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Are you joking?

Not trying to make you laugh.

Breasts have estrogen and testicles have testosterone. You do the math. Estrogen is heat-resistant and testosterone is heat-sensitive. Therefore, I usually eat them raw without cooking. Never suffered any sickness from it.

It makes sense that if you have heart problems, eat heart. If you have liver problems, eat liver. Furthermore, it is a waste how much meat is discarded. Eyes, tongue, pancreas, kidneys, etc is edible. I believe in making use of every part of the animal. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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Now, I understand your logos.