Gynecomastia Surgery Today

I just wanted to share my experience that I’ve just gotten out of gynecomastia surgery today. One of my symptoms that improved over the five years I had was gynecomastia. I found that the tenderness which was probably the gyno forming happening the most in my first year of PFS. Fortunately, this ceased over time but unfortunately the puffiness in my chest and a layer of glandular tissue over my otherwise muscular chest was noteworthy.

I was initially meant to have the surgery back in March but the pandemic put elective surgery on the backburner so after pretty much a year of waiting I had it done today. I was put under during the surgery and while reading Frantz Fanon in the waiting room before, I must have had justice on my mind as when I was coming out of my anaesthetized state I apparently yelled “Death to the fascists” throughout the surgery room - I thought this was a pretty funny disinhibited moment :stuck_out_tongue:

The procedure only took about an hour and I am now happily back at home recovering. I figured I would make this post in case anyone wanted to ask any questions. I know this is a common symptom.

It feels good to have control over something at least, even if I have control over so little at this point.


That’s pretty cool my dude, keep us updated on your recovery.

I’m deliberating whether to go get the surgery done as well, my case is very minimal, but still on my mind every single day.

Do you have any pictures of your gyno before the surgery?


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Pleased for you man. One less symptom to deal with is huge weight off your mind.

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My surgeon has the photos but I’ll share when I have the before and after side by side. Mine was fairly minor too, but still enough to bother me. I managed to get pretty fit otherwise but had just no definition in my chest and puffiness.

Man, your case seems so similar to mine, even the fit part. I’d love to see those pictures. How is the recovery going?

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Recovery is not too bad but I have to keep the bandaging and compression vest on for a week until Tuesday. That’s definitely uncomfortable and makes sleep a challenge, but hopefully well worth it!

witch method was used to remove the gynäkomastie ?

How much did the surgery cost you?

I think total it was about 3k CAD

That’s pretty affordable. Did you do lipo as well? Looking forward to those pictures, especially the before.

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Won’t they grow back?

I suppose it’s possible, but I never really had them progress other than in the first year off of Finasteride. Fingers crossed that for whatever reason that was a past symptom that I don’t have anymore.

Let us know if they do or don’t in a few months.

My theory is with estrogen being too high it’ll cause the tissue to just grow back again. I’ve got minor gyno and it happened like 3 months after I quit finasteride. They haven’t grown anymore but I’m thinking if I remove them they’ll just grow back again due to the hormonal imbalance in my system.

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Hey man,

how’s the recovery going? Are you able to share the before pictures?

I suppose it is possible, but in my case, it stopped growing and getting any worse for years before this surgery. Presumably wouldn’t it have just kept getting worse if this was the case?

The clinic took the best ones so I am going to try to get those sent to me next week.

No because some people’s only grow a certain amount while other’s grow more. There’s no telling.

You’re probably in the clear but I’m just wondering.

Ya the possibility is always there, no doubt about that. I do believe I actually felt when it was forming and haven’t had those feelings since the first year of PFS. Hopefully that’s a good sign.

How about those before/after pictures OP?