Gynecomastia and Tamoxifen


Breif experience with tomixifen for those with gynecomastia. So I got bad breast pain from 3 weeks on fin and even after stopping medicationy gyno pain continued and breats tissue has been growing for months. Doc prescribed tamoxifen and it took all my pain away and slightly reduced swelling within a week, had high hopes for slight reduction in breast. But it brought back the worst of my sexual symptoms, complete impotence. Lasted for about a month before I regained any erections, just a warning for those thinking about trying it. Ive had a decent sexual recovery over the last 8 months and I was back at my worst from the tamoxifen, stinks because it worked great. Anyway just my experience trying to treat the persistent gyno pain and growth


tamoxifen also can make you depressed (sad/ feeling down). I had no libido on it when I tried it last time complete impotence as well!! tamoxifen is nasty