Guys , Im Shrinking

Guys ,

IM SHRINKING. I used Finastride for 1 month only , and i stopped using it since 2 months. Untill now only a slight improvement happened to my mind and sexual function .

But My Main Concern is the Shrinking

My shoulder , Pelvic. Neck , Cheeks , jaw , Forehead

All of the are shrinking rapidly , my face is so smaalll …

I want to stop this issue , Guys Please Please Tell me what should i do for body shrinking . Its not fat and muscles only , its also Bone

My Testo is 307
DHT 697 .

Help me

Well that’s low testosterone numbers for starters

How much have you shrank?

My shoulders have shrunk but it’s probably because all the muscles on them have been atrophied despite going to the gym.

Might it be worth taking some photos, @Kio94 so you can show what’s happening to a doctor, if you continue to change, as distressing as it may be, it might be helpful to be able show the change to a skeptical doctor.

It may be of comfort to know that we have had at least one member post saying that his face had shrunk but with time it recovered. He posted some pictures here on his account @aletheia if you would like to look them up.


Yeah ,its low , or on the edge .
The doctor advised me to wait . No need to mess up with TRT .

and also if i used any testo boost herbs im crashing in a few minutes .

Yeah i have a muscles atrophy. But also there’s an obvious bone loss in my case . Hopefully it will improve later :pray::pray:

The thing is the doctors didn’t believe that Fina cause this things , but yeah i will try to see skeptical doctor.

U know bro , same all of us . I took fina for hair loss because i have severe hairloss since years , now after 2 months of stopping . I don’t lose hair anymore , there’s no hair falling at all . Even one hair

My beard growth is too sloooow . Body temperature at morning 34.6 C . , Feeling freezing all.the day .

It looks like fina still in my blood.