Guys do you have relationships? How ED affects your relationship?

Basically I am having sexual side effects and I am wondering can I have relationships in future.

No one answers…I feel like I am going to die all alone.

Mate, I am in the same state. I was happy and successful guy who just bluntly took fin for 1 month 3 months ago. And here I am, struggling for life. I’m not sure about the future. But one thing is for sure, I am gonna fight till end. I have the extreme sides. My dick is getting worst day by day.
We will never be the same remember. But we will definitely craft a happy life that for sure. Just be strong and have patience.

At it’s worst, there is always am option for implant. Don’t listen to some negative people here, they will say, Implant is useless, will give you no pleasure without libido. But fuck this, I have seem people who are living a good life even with this condition.

It’s your attitude that matters.

How old are you man? I wasted my all pleasure…I am a virgin I will never know what its like to have sex. I am going to kill myself. I am sure about that. Just my family…

I’m 25 man. And i have been hit really hard. Things will not be the same. I’m a very handsome man, but unluckily destroyed by this medicine.

And stop thinking about suicide. We are not sure what gonna happen after unnatural death, same as we didn’t know what was gonna happen after Finestride.

take cialis to get your confidence back

only a bandaid but will allow u to function

Maybe things can be same. There are people who are recovered %100.

I hope so. I’m 3 months off and I am not sure man.

I feel very suicidal.

Me too think about suicide all the time. I have done most of my research on what’s gonna happen to me after I die than pfs. Unnatural death will not solve anything. And its irreversible.

I’m not sure about pfs, but crafting a healthy and liveable life out of it is definitely possible.

I was already suicidal before pfs. Now with this I feel worse.

Whatever man we should encourage ourselves. There are people who recovered %100. Why we can’t be one of them? We are still young.

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Look here is plan. I have postponed my suicide. I’m giving myself 10 years of window. Meanwhile eating healthy, taking good care of myself. I will wait for my natural recovery then If nothing will work then I am gonna try medicine and if still nothing will work, I will go with the implant. And if everything will fail suicide will be the last resort.

Penis implants are amazing, and highly underrated for pfs sufferers. People here are suffering for 10 years and waiting for natural miracle which will never gonna happen. If nothing is fixed within 2-3 years, it will never be.
Worst case scenario even if you have less pleasure with implant, your woman will be very satisfied.

How severe are your side effects?

Nice plan man. I am depressed and obese I think those can be related my situation. I can do masturbation three times in a day with %90 erection but somedays I can’t. Less morning woods. And loss of sensation.

Similar situation, a week ago I had rather good window I was horny thoughtout the day and had rock hard erection. But this week, my dick is limp with zero libido and no urge to masturbate.

Im so sorry, this drug has ruined my “marriage” he was never good in bed but i loved him he is taking this drug for 3rd time … he is depressed and left me …

Why is he taking it for the 3rd time?

Are you a woman? So your husband used this drug and left you I am sorry…Do you think can I marry with a woman if I have side effects?