Gut microbiota has a widespread and modifiable effect on host gene regulation

So again, real simple thought. It could be as simple as what do you knock down and what do you promote? This would be based on the thought of greatly deficient or specific microbes.
Choose wrong and you’ll probably get worse.
Theory, but this might be the closest thing coming down the pipeline as a possibility.

both natural and controlled microbiome composition leads to distinct, and predictable, gene expression profiles in host cells

specific microbes play an important role in regulating expression of individual host genes involved in human complex traits. The ability to fine tune the expression of host genes by manipulating the microbiome suggests future therapeutic routes.


SIBO has been a problem for me ever since this started for me i have it beat or almost beat now that i took antibiotics and i’m taking reuteri 6475 now

The same probiotic used in that testosterone study. I see this got some mention around here not too long ago. Your using the Biogaia one?
I like the thought process of supplementing one of the dominant types in the small intestine. They say SIBO is rarely overgrowth of the residing bacteria, but rather bacteria that works its way up from the large intestine.

Funny this probiotic was originally isolated from a woman.

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Yeah its biogaia gastrus, initially when i had taken i seemed to be have some improvement but metamucil and other probiotics that come with 12 or 20 strains i got worse so i figured i better just kill it all off and start over again especially since i could no longer tolerate even white rice without it exacerbating my ibs symptoms. i just went carnivore and luckily my gastroenterologist finally had enough testing done to be able to treat me, they legit wanted to make sure i didnt have cancer or somethong crazy because of how bad my symptoms were. My theory on my gut health is that i did have a lot of food poisoning which messed up my gut health and take my advice on this if you know food is probably going to give you diarrhea don’t eat it just because its free, then inhibiting 5ar broke my mmc and really screwed up my gut. Biogaia advertises it as a bacteria thats good for your small intestine and stomach and whatever bacteria was in my small intestine and stomach wasn’t supposed to be there. Hopefully this works i’ve really shocked my nutrionist and gastroenterologist with how fast i’ve been getting better so thats a good sign. I’m also trying to keep my meals down to 3 a day with no snacks which is really annoying but apparently if you eat all throughout the day the mmc doesnt get told to turn on.

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Assuming this theory is true, is it possible to reverse the gene expression to normal state if the bacteria issue is addressed?

If my thinking is right you’d probably be able to eventually overcome any kind of dysbiosis as long as the the underlying cause was simultaneously treated.

SIBO has been a huge issue for me since before I crashed. Still trying to treat it now with great difficulty.

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Carnivore diet seems to work very well

Tried it mate unfortunately it absolutely drains me energy-wise, can barely stand up! I know it works well for others though.

How much meat were you eating? Also i put butter on all my ground beef and steak.

Close to 1.5kg per day. I’d cook it in olive oil each time.

There are many scenarios. I have never had much luck with antibiotics, and i’ve tried a few.
Antibiotics alone probably isnt a solution, people would have hit on this already. just one example,

Reversal of ciprofloxacin-induced testosterone reduction by probiotic microbes in mouse testes

Ciprofloxacin (CPFX) is a second-generation fluoroquinolone antibiotic used to treat infections of various Gram-negative organisms. Although CPFX is a highly effective antibiotic, it has been reported to significantly impair both testicular function and structure in rats.

@guitarman01 Cipro seems to have wiped out my sibo but now my doctor thinks i have c difficile. I’m taking sample to lab asap. Does this happen a lot with guys here? I was having really healthy looking bowel movements until this happened :frowning: now it feels like an aliens trying to pop out of me. I almost had gotten back to my pre drug health condition, i think i’ll fully recover and that my gut health will improve with the right treatment but what do you think of my situation? I also felt better than i maybe ever felt in my life for abday there while my gut health seemed like it had gotten better i think its my only lasting symptom is that i cant seem to get my digestive issues under control even though i got so close.

I had extremely loose stools on a zpac at one time. It went away as soon as I stopped the medication.
Inducing GI symptoms isnt always a negative thing. Think of a war being started in your stomach or gi tract.
I have read plenty of reviews and studies that changes in gi symptoms can be expected, this isn’t necessarily a negative outcome as long as its temporary. You can find this even with probiotics as the body adjusts.
Increased bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and gas can all occur even before a person gets better.
This can be very common for h. pylori treatment for example (I have a post coming up on this as well relating to immune response)
Obviously long term diarrhea is not a good thing. I assume thats what your talking about since you mentioned c. diff. I would just wait for the blood test to come back before being too concerned about that.

Im going to do this once and that will be it, if mods start to get a little concerned.