Gut Microbiome Test

I wanted to buy one assuming that fin has ruined my gut bacteria
Any tips, are some companies better or worse?

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Even my gut is destroyed by fin. Fin has altered my gut microbiome. I had a 50% improvement with Rifaximin and another 10% improvement with probiotics. I had no side effects while on Rifaximin, you can give it a try.


I have used biomesight, I like it, it gives prebiotic and probiotic recommendations based on research. they don’t try to sell their own products like other companies (although they do have a section of products that they have compiled I guess through sponsorship). If you go to the website you can access the report with the test credentials they have.

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those tests are useless because there is nothing proven in regards to how much of each bacteria is needed and how to increase those bacteria in a targeted manner.

and no its not as simple as eat this food and take this probiotic

But if it shows I have no certain ‘good’ bacteria I can aim to target obtaining that bacteria then do that test again in a few months to see if it’s made a difference?

no, thats what everyone thinks

but it does not work like that.

for example, there is zero idea on how much of each bacteria you need. it varies from person to person, and 2 people can have drastically different amoutns of bacteria but their stomach functions the same.

those tests are all useless at this current stage in the science of the gut

furthermore to add to the complexity on top of the massive unknowns of the gut,

taking a probiotic many times wont work simply because there is no environment for that bacteria strain you are taking to “colonize” and take effect, especially if theres competing strains taking up space and resources.

we’re a long ways from getting all this down to precision meds where targetted probiotics will work, but the good news is a new gut environment sampling capsule has just hit the market and scientists can now do research on the colon and stomach like never before.

soon enough we’ll get a more of a complete picture on what’s normal, abnormal, and better ways on correcting deficiencies.

if you really want to restore your gut bacteria for whatever reasons, an FMT is your best bet. but make sure the doctor you use is really good. its not as easy as eating some sh!t in a capsule. its a complex process before and after the procedure to ensure a successful transplant.

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