GUNA LH D6 improves sexual functions


My dad (he’s a doctor) gives me some oral drops of GUNA LH D6, an homeopathic medicine, and for about one hour I was able to reverse completely penile shrinkage with strong and frequent erections without thinking about sex. It’s amazing. I repeated many times and I had the same positive effects on penis (temporary, of course).
It’s very interesting.


Interessante Andrea, lo usi ancora?


At the moment I discontinued because I am better however the stuff works (temporary).


Quante gocce hai assunto? Hai provato a metterle direttamente sul pene?


About ten drops.
I used only oral route.


Ti hanno ridato anche la sensibilità?


More frequent and strong erections and some sensibility regained.


Did you have full sensivity loss? How much it resolved? Also what about orgasms and libido? Very interesting thread.


I have lost the most part of penile sensitivity after saw palmetto and finasteride.
Orgasm and libido remain good but I need creatine or a 5ar booster.
GUNA is very good but the effect is temporary.


So I’m confused about what symptoms improved. Just erecting strength?