Gum recession problems

For those that have this particular side has it settled for anyone? After surgery, teeth replacement, and a gum graft, it still continues. It seems to be stepping up a gear and my consultant advised there been more recession since he last saw me 12 months ago. I’m seeing the oral pain lead tomorrow where I’m half expecting that global root canal surgery will be a consideration. Has anyone passed this point wondering what the hell to expect next. Thankfully oral bone health has received a green flag.

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My this particular problem has not resolved fully. My gums have recessed a lot and roots are exposed. My teeth were very good prior to SP using. I have/had naturally very good teeth ( all 32 teeth intact, no issue ever thanks God). But they are sensitive and feel weaker.

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Yea me too. They think im brushing too hard. Thats not it. They couldnt believe the recession at first because the xrays looked good.
Its soft tissue damage. My thought would be inflammation or reduced blood flow.

Also know that the gi tract runs from the mouth to the anus.


It could be the opposite too much blood flow as highlighted in menapausal women with gum recession. An increasing number of foods make matters worse “not because of chewing’ but because of what they trigger Pfs symptom wise”. Prior to 4 years ago I had no teeth or gum issues. My mouth is a mess now I can’t eat or drink anything without experiencing great discomfort. Even the flow of air when breathing in through the mouth sets off electric like shocks. I can feel the gum tissue being attacked a constant burning vice like feeling. Infections, disease have been ruled out. Global loss of soft tissue ie muscle, collagen layers of the dermis are all on the same path. I know others are in the same boat hence the question.cheers guys

After a lengthy consultation. He was fully bought into PFS he also had a physcologist sitting in. “an unexpected treat” the following plan of action was tabled:-

Alpha lipoic acid which I’ve since researched to find is a 5 ar inhibitor. I’ll try a small amount initially.

Failing any improvements, he suggested a benzo mouthwash. That’s apparently rife in prisons as a recreational drug. Obviously when swallowed. Fuck it I might go out on a high! Not that it would have the same effect on us!

Then an SSRI which I’ll side step. One I hadn’t heard of but since forgot. Has nandrolone in it which would effect androgens

He’s resistant to root canal surgery as said it could create even more problems.

The physiologist has asked to see me and was very sympathetic and quite cutting about denial of pharma induced damage. Interesting!!!

Another coating of desensitising varnish will be applied which is flouride based but does help

I’ll keep you posted re changes, hopeful improvements in gum, teeth situation.



If it’s due to to much blood flow in the gum. Wouldn’t something like a nicotine chewing gum be beneficial?

Just a thought, I have no science or proof that it would be good.

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When I visited dentist in 2011, the dentist said the same thing that I was brushing too hard.
I don’t think it is too much blood flow, I think it is too little blood flow. It is quite clear from my skin which looks pale. My complexion has changed from fair to dark as well.

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Maybe you guys are correct. I bleed profusely whenever I floss “very carefully” however I also have very low platelets, another consequence of Pfs. Without a tan I’m very pasty/ sickly with no colour

Also I looked up alpha-Lipoic acid and I can’t find any source that it would be a 5ARI.

However alpha-Linolenic acid is and their name is quite similar and are shortened to “ALA”.


Thanks @Cbrandel I searched on the forum where I found the 5ar connection with some reporting negative effects

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Dumb question, but are you brushing too hard? Do you have an electric toothbrush?

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Nothing to do with brushing @LifeOnHardMode it’s unexplained tissue loss which is the same as what’s happening across my tissues in my face and body. When this did start a few years ago I tried changing brushing heads , tooth pastes etc my dentist confirmed oral hygiene etc was text book I expect it’s linked to deprivation of androgen and hormones. Gum loss is linked to diabetes. God knows!!

That’s such a bummer, dude. Epigenetic changes to the body are so horrifying.

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“which included every PFS symptom under the sun.” yeas we are f…cked up in every way, androgens are that what performs a man. I just wait for the next disaster. But nothing shocks me anymore.

Once someone has PFS do you put everything that happens to you after down to that?

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Do you ever had a sour/metallic taste in your mouth? I feel like I may be experiencing some gum recession and I have this annoying symptom as well. Was curious if the two were related.

I’ll take this statement back, do not try using nicotine for this purpose.

I didn’t have any problems with my gum (I think) but after I used “snus” (nicotine bag you put under your lip) my gum defiently took a toll for the worse.

I second what @spstriken said. I think it’s due to low blood flow. As per Baylor study the #1 under-expressed cluster of genes are “blood vessel development”.

How bad it is for me I don’t know. I don’t have any issues as of yet, but my next dentist appointment they’ll tell me what’s up as they photograph the mouth every time.

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The gums between my upper front teeth have recessed to where the stick floss - that plastic doohickey with the bit of floss on one end and the pick on the other - no longer reaches them. That’s gotta be a milestone. Took 8 months, anyone get there faster?

I have gum recession too and it sucks. At first it was just mild due to years of pfs, but now it’s getting worse after antibiotics and long covid + having pericoronitis.