Growing, IGF1, growth hormones and stuff like that


I’m worrying myself dead over this topic. I read more and more how the lack of DHT can affect the growth hormones. Is it possible that Propecia stopped my growth?
Can testing IGF1 confirm this?
Thanks in advance!



This is definitely something to be concered about. I’m not trying to scare you but IGF1 & IGF3 have been low with a lot of us. You should get your IGF1 & IGF3 checked. The HGH test is inconsistant as it varries throughout the day. You will probably need to get either an insulin resistance test or an arginine stimulation test done to be sure you are HGH deficient. Start with the IGF1 & 3 test first.

I’m not sure why, but I don’t see many blood tests posted on this web site very often. I don’t know if guys aren’t getting blood tests done or if they are just not bothering to post them. Mine came back horribly low. If I remeber correctly you are 18 YO correct?

I would really be curious to know how many of us have low IGF1 & IGF3. I have only seen 1 or 2 other guys on this site get this hormone tested and they both had very low numbers for this test. Stop worrying, just call your doctor and make the appointment to have the test done.


How do I give a reason for the test? I can only do IGF-1 with my own money in a lab here.
Yes, I am 18.


If you suspect you are HG deficient you should be able to have a reqisition sent from your doctor. They can do an HG and IGF1 & IGF3 at the same time. Are you saying you don’t have insurance or they just won’t cover the IGF-1. I called my insurance company prior to the test knowing it was expensive and they told me if the test was necessary and ordered by a doctor, they cover it.

#5 … tlesearch4

Fanjeera, please read the above link. Mesterolone (Proviron, which is a DHT) is shown to improve sperm morphology. I think a lack of DHT could be a cause for your underdeveloped sperm. So, one would hope that increasing DHT could make you fertile.

Also, I posted a great literature article stating that 5 AR1 NOT 5AR2 (the latter is inhibited by Propecia) is responsible for bone growth. This means that Propecia will not stunt your growth as it is an inhibitor of 5AR2 only. Look at my post history (I only posted it within the last week).

Also, anecdotal evidence from say, Sennex (who was on Propecia since age 15) and is taller than his parents and is muscular suggests Propecia does not inhibit growth.

Hope you feel better



Very good info. Thanks!
I think I still want to test my IGF1 just to be sure.


Are you still here? What happened to your height?