Greetings all - New Member here 👋

Greetings all,

Have been lurking here for a while and thought it’s time to introduce myself. I’m Nick, 26 years old 6ft, 170lbs and have been suffering from PFS now for 1 year after a 3 month period of using finasteride at 1mg per day. Symptoms started 2 months in and i stubbornly kept taking fin for another month.

My symptoms are:

  • Watery ejaculate
  • hard flaccid
  • penile shrinkage
  • ED
  • low sex drive
  • puffy nipples
  • brain fog
  • loss of memory
  • depression
  • muscle spasms
  • loss of muscle
  • loss of beard hair
  • anxiety

My life has taken a turn for the worse since I developed PFS, I lost my job and a long term relationship of mine got ruined.

I have nothing to lose at this point and am willing to try everything and anything to get myself to a better place.

Would be willing to hear any suggestions or advice, it would be greatly appreciated :pray:

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Are you sensible to food? I can’t eat sugar or bad fat because I feel horrible mentally and physically. Tired Ice cream just once since I got the syndrome(10 months) and my eyelids started shaking.

Do you have insomnia?

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Hey brother,

I’m sorry to hear you’ve been suffering so long. It sounds perverse, but under two years is still relatively early and you have a chance of improving with time.

You want to try anything, but I can assure you everything has been tried. This forum is filled with failed protocols. The fact is: unless we understand the mechanism of this disease, we will never get out of this.

If you’ve been lurking for some time, I hope you’ve come to realize that after decades worth of forum posts, herb cycles and broscience, we need to start going all-in on REAL RESEARCH. The PFS Network has done amazing work in that regard, but we need everyone on board. Only then do we have a chance to get out of this.

I’m not gonna tell you to not try anything, but aside from daily cialis, there isn’t anything I can recommend in good conscience. Even if you do find something that gives you some relief (and that’s still dangerous because many things have made people worse), it’s not a cure.

I don’t know about you, but I cannot and will not settle for a life of near chemical castration with numb shrivelled genitals and going from herb to herb to get a little relief. I want to be cured and live a normal life. I cannot be happy unless we all do.

If you want to try anything, try donating. We have a fundraising group (over 120 strong) and we post screenshots of our donations each month to help with morale and get actual research funded. If you want to join, let me know. It’s a great group that makes you feel like we are actually progressing with this shit (and we are). Also try raising awareness and telling your story on the PFS Network youtube channel or the Moral Medicine youtube channel (speak to @Erik). This disease does not exist if it doesn’t have a face.

So I’m not trying to be callous, but the question, not just for you, but anyone with PFS really, is: do you want to settle for a half life? Or do we work together and fight to get our lives back?

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I’ve noticed that dairy and gluten tends to make my symptoms worse, and yes I am struggling with insomnia too.

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Hey brother, thank you for reaching out. That really does give me hope given that my case is still relatively recent.

I have been taking cialis occasionally but it’s very subtle in its effects, it gives me more of a hard flaccid than an actual erection. My ED is very non-responsive.

I have came across a few stories where PFS users have had success with things like HCG, TRT and DHT gel. Would this be worth exploring given that I have nothing to lose at this point?

I’m 100% committed to fighting for my life back and will not settle for a lower quality life stil this condition. I’m 100% joining yourself and the other brother in this mission to get our lives back.

Succes with hcg, trt or dht is a big overstatement. It has all been tried over and over again and pfs still exists… The problem is: it could give a little relief, but you’re essentially rolling the dice again, as you did with fin: there are also stories of people getting worse on hormonal treatment. About the cialis, you could try daily to promote regular bloodflow but discuss it with your doc.

We must know what’s wrong in the first place.

Would you be willing to commit to a monthly donation in the fundraising group? Even 10 $/€ makes a difference. I’m not forcing you of course, but please consider it. We’re also very close to funding the next study!

I’m 4 years with PFS, and it took me a while to start donating, mostly because I couldn’t accept it was really happening and hoped it would pass, but it didn’t.

About your symptoms: I also have shrinkage and hard flaccid. Did it happen suddenly? How severe is it?