Green Tea may boost Dopamine Levels

Not sure if this has been posted before. Some research shows that green tea is good for Parkinsons Disease and may boost dopamine levels: … -the-brain … light.html

Might be better off with something like this:

“We already know how the endocrine mechanism in Mucuna pruriens works: the body converts L-Dopa into the neurotransmitter dopamine. Dopamine increases the activity in the brain centres that regulate sexuality and the production of sex hormones.”

Green tea is has caffeine which is a stimulant. Stimulants tend to boost dopamine levels (the strongest one to my knowledge is cocaine). Caffeine is the second known substance in the world behind cocaine with the most full-body effects. These substances are all going to boost dopamine but they are just stimulants with temporary effects that our bodies adjust to. Leaving us worn out and further back than when we started.

Is anyone feeling better in the long run by dosing with stimulants in the long run?

I don’t believe the articles on green tea implied that the increase in dopamine was from caffiene. The top article states:

Green tea can be purchased in a de-caffenated variety so that you can get the phytochemicals without the caffiene. The second article also talks about how green tea affects dopamine levels:

Decaffinated green tea is not fully decaffinated. They basically soak it a little to get the majority out. Same effect happens if you brew a tea for 1 minute, dump it out, then brew again with the same tea leaves. The caffeine level is simply reduced. Same with decaf coffee.

This study claims that mice (ok at least they’re mammels) fed green tea had increases in both testosterone and DHT:

Note that the study states that black tea reduces DHT levels:

Most of the Green tea they sell in the grocery stores in the US and other countries is garbage. There is very little actual green tea leaves in the bags. If it is actual green tea, it ususually tiny bits of it.

I travel to China and Taiwan relatively often and buy my green tea there. It is very good quality and can be purchased much cheaper there as well. Some of what I buy is the actual dried green tea leaves without the bags.

There is a very low number of men that develp prostate cancer in most of the asian countries compared to the US. Many beleive it may be the green tea that actually wards off the cancer in these men.

It could be the soy reducing test also, Asian diets are heavy with it.

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Martin, I have read that also. That surely could be a possibility, knowone seems to know for sure why the asian countries have such a lower incedence of prostate cancer.

Who knows, but apparantly what ever they are doing it isn’t lowering their testoserone. I think it’s fair to say Chinese have no trouble procreating with 1.3 billion people.

Could you post a study that confirms this? There seems to be alot of mis-information on hair loss boards that state that green tea lowers DHT. However I could not find any studies backing this up. I did post a study above that shows that it indeed increases DHT and T in mice. This study is quoted quite a bit on bb’s on the internet. Here is another one however it doesn’t refererence the studies it claims green tea lowers dht:

This study indicates that a combination of green tea, blueberries, Vitamin D, and Carnosine can increase stem cells in bone marrow. Might be worth a try since stem cells can transform into any type of cell in the body. Maybe we could get our damaged cells to regenerate and function normally again…

More on bone marrow stem cells: … e-hsc.html

Finally a good write up from one of the body building sites on green tea, for those that are interested. The side effects section has a good summary of DHT and T level effects from green tea:

Green tea polyphenol EGCG blunts androgen receptor function in prostate cancer