Green Tea and PFS

Anyone here an avid green tea drinker and what’s been your experience with drinking tea while having PFS? I’ve been an avid green tea drinker before, during, and after Propecia use. When I drink green tea, I feel better but my sleep quality decreases and anxiety gradually increases along with brain fog. When I don’t drink green tea however, I feel more depressed. Thoughts? Experiences?

Green tea and black tea are an anti androgens… better to avoid.

What about coffee?

Don’t know about anti androgen but i started to feel better mentally since i quit that 8 months ago.

I drink coffee daily, no issues.

Green tea is to be avoided.

So I still drink Green Tea as I have done since I was a teenager . I genuinely think it’s one of the healthiest parts of my diet .

I try not to have it too late for the caffeine (although it is one of the richest sources of L Theanine so that should help with sleep a bit )

I know there’s a lot of mixed opinions on eating foods that affect hormones here like Green Tea, Soy .but I still have these things in my diet .

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