Green Tea and PFS

Anyone here an avid green tea drinker and what’s been your experience with drinking tea while having PFS? I’ve been an avid green tea drinker before, during, and after Propecia use. When I drink green tea, I feel better but my sleep quality decreases and anxiety gradually increases along with brain fog. When I don’t drink green tea however, I feel more depressed. Thoughts? Experiences?

Green tea and black tea are an anti androgens… better to avoid.

What about coffee?

Don’t know about anti androgen but i started to feel better mentally since i quit that 8 months ago.

I drink coffee daily, no issues.

Green tea is to be avoided.

So I still drink Green Tea as I have done since I was a teenager . I genuinely think it’s one of the healthiest parts of my diet .

I try not to have it too late for the caffeine (although it is one of the richest sources of L Theanine so that should help with sleep a bit )

I know there’s a lot of mixed opinions on eating foods that affect hormones here like Green Tea, Soy .but I still have these things in my diet .


Green tea and peppermint tea help me a lot as it seems to flush out my system a little and helps me go to the toilet

I had a set back drinking green tea a few years back, haven’t touched it since.

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How are green tea and coffee different as both are linked to estrogen hormonal changes (reference 1)? I remember when I was living in Africa for 45 days, I didn’t have access to green tea and I started drinking coffee. Boy did I feel much worse when drinking coffee.


I think the estrogen and hormonal change that you’re referencing might be a bit of a red herring. Green Tea is on the list because it’s a 5ar inhibitor.

Interesting to note your experience with coffee. It might be worth some people trying excluding it from their diets to see if it was negatively effecting them. For me personally, I’m confident that it doesn’t affect me negatively. Something to be thankful for.

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Great to hear man. I’m the same way with dark chocolate—I can still enjoy it with not much issues.

I have seen many studies where green tea increase DHT. While black tea is proved to be 5ar inhibitor.

Mice treated with black tea tended to have a greater serum testosterone concentration (34.4%, P = 0.50) and had a 72% lower DHT concentration than controls ( P < 0.05), suggesting that black tea may contain components that inhibit the activity of 5α-reductase, an enzyme that converts testosterone to the more bioactive DHT. Green tea tended to increase serum testosterone and DHT levels by 73.8% ( P = 0.14) and 194% ( P = 0.076), respectively. The combination of SPC and green tea reduced serum levels of DHT ( P < 0.05).

I said this before: tying each food/drink to either pro or anti 5AR is overkill in my opinion. I was in the exact same spot as many of you so I know how this feels, but I don’t think much of it now. It’s more likely a reaction of individual microbiome to different foods/drinks. Point is, every time you trigger changes to your microbiome, you end up having some reactions.

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Mixed results with green tea. Decaffinated Green Tea seems to make me worse, more fatigue and brain fog. Matcha green tea seems to help, clearer head and more energy. Probably the caffeine in the matcha tea which I normally avoid. They matcha tea doesn’t increase my anxiety or stress level like coffee or a caffeinated soda does. Would recommend those who have had issues with regular green tea to try matcha tea.

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Luckily living in Japan there is ample matcha tea on the market :@)