Great shame about having PFS


I have troubles admitting that I have more or less pfs. Even in front of doctors or therapist. I feel a great deal of shame because I fucked myself up taking a hairlossdrug.

I want to seek help, but I cant.


im sorry to hear ,but nobody could help you

It gets easier every time you talk about it with someone. Taking finasteride is pretty common and so you shouldn’t feel any shame in having taken it.

It helps too if you visualised yourself as “temporarily fucked up”


This is good advice.

It’s not your fault you took a supposedly safe cosmetic drug and developed a persistent health condition afterwards. You shouldn’t apologise or feel ashamed.


Doctors I’ve dealt with don’t understand it so they don’t care

They take blood tests and all is normal so they dismiss it

I have to get proviron and hcg on black market cause they won’t prescribe it

good luck bro. u r probably in the right place here.

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There is nothing wrong with it, it’s like having teeth whitened, it is a drug considered “cosmetic” in our case, which we were fraudulently told to be completely safe . It irritates me very much that doctors are not yet aware of this condition and PSSD, which they mistake for depression, this really makes me angry.

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