Great results with TRT


Before I crashed hard due to saw palmetto, I had minor issues like memory problem, ED due to borage seed oil (5ari) but I fixed it with bodybuilding, creatine and 3 shots of hCG. I was in amazing body shape and mental status. I passed 8 university exams in less than one year. I was unstoppable.


My PFS was not debilitating but I had what I would call chronic fatigue syndrome. I took fin for 7-8 years and just went down hill. I had worse and worse vision issues which are gone now. I felt like my mind was full of jelly. When I talked strange words would come out of my mouth. I would zone out and stare at things for long periods of time. Always grumpy. I had horrible sleep. Energy level was crap since age 32. I found propeciahelp after trying to figure out what was happening to me.

As for My erections, they were horrible and I could not stay hard during sex but viagra worked for me. Orgasms were fine when I had them … libido was also ok but I think I had an over active libito when young. Looking back at historical tests my T was 450 or so but steadily dropped until under 400 about 3 years ago. My estrogen was always strangely a little low in all my tests

I tried 50+ supplements … amazon loves me. Actually dhea works a little but it’s also going to mess with your hair.

I’ve never heard you need higher doses of testosterone to get better results for PFS but I’m no expert and there may be stories here. Most sites that prescribe testosterone in the US like defy medical are cookie cutter and will try putting you on 200mg a week with an AI to block estrogen. I refused that. I started at 200mg a week and after 4 weeks checked blood levels and testosterone was through the roof 1900 or something. I dialed back to i think right now roughly 130mg a week … I keep my blood test level at 800.

I did not notice haír loss but I’m slowly losing it anyway … just fixed that in Colombia. I’m 44 and not horribly bald so I’m a good Candidate. I had a bald spot I covered with spray and a forehead getting thin.

For my transplant I had the option of shaving or not shaving and on the day I picked a total shave of my head as you get better results. I have a few “lovers” and they obviously know about this transplant. Both want me to keep my head shaved now. Haha

Sibelo what is your current t level and age? What’s your hair loss level at? Are you a candidate for trt?

If you try testosterone you are not going to suddenly see a huge amount of hair fall out. There are other things you can try as I mentioned but they are all mostly injectable (HCG) … you can try oral clomid. It works but it made me feel weird.


I actually don’t know my current T levels. I suppose I need to get tested. My hair loss is progressing very fast. I don’t know the stages but my scalp is now visible through the hair all over the front, top and back of my head, and the hairs are very thin and shedding like crazy all over my face. Something happened 3 months ago which has both killed my libido and hair at the same time (and increased acne). The only change I did was started eating a lot of eggs because I moved to a place that does not allow meat in the house. So I guess it is possible that I have higher cholesterol which may translate into higher T and correspondingly DHT. Many people with PFS feel better with low DHT under conditions mimicking finasteride use. If that’s what’s happening I may not benefit from TRT. I guess I have to cut the eggs and see if there is an improvement in symptoms.


Do you mind posting your age? I think the number one rule is that you should get a blood test before you waist your time on this site. Something in your blood could be causing your hair loss. Make sure you get both a sensitive T and E tests and do not take no for an answer. Wasting more cholesterol will bump your T up but not enough to translate into massive hair loss. I took basically synthetic dht (provirone) which I noticed nothing. Are you under stress? It could be that you are just at a stage where your hair is destined to fall. I had a friend who at 30 just suddenly lost His hair in the space of a year.


Thanks for replying to my posts mate
Really appreciate your time information and positive attitude towards blood tests and seeking help from doctors.
I don’t imagine you went to these doctors crying out PFS at the top of voice could I ask what was your approach and did you mention finasteride ? If yes could you please let us know how this strategy worked out for you.

Thanks again for coming back to this forum its a valuable asset to people here to actually be able to speak to someone that has been in these shoes and overcome all difficulties / symptoms.
I’m sure alot of guys have tried testosterone like myself but in a very underhand way with no blood tests and black market drugs.
It’s easy to shoot down every possible treatment if the treatment hasn’t been administered Inna controlled way under medical supervision.

Thankyou again for coming back to the forum giving us your time answering questions.
I will pm you to grab your email address if you don’t mind mate.


Most don’t recognize PFS … I did find 2 that will… I have an endo in nyc that recognizes it but no Expert … also a cfs expert in nyc.


That’s no surprise mate
Personally I think talking to doctors about PFS is about as useful as telling your doctor you have previously been abducted by aliens they shot your Dick and Balls with there Ray gun which caused them shrink and stop working.


Did yoy get acne on TRT. If so, where on your face, chest, back?

Did you had acne pre fin ?


How much HCG are you using and how often?


Hey man, congrats! What proviron dose did you use ?!


120-140 IU 3x a week … you have to be careful or it will spike estrogen … it makes my libido spike on those days and I’m pretty good at Arround 400-500 IU a week


25mg … i only use it on vacations. It’s basically DHT so cant be good for your hairline but I live like a rockstar when on it. If I have a date, I take one in the morning and I can go all night :wink:


I never had bad acne as a kid but obviously had pimples … and yes i get acne now in weird places. On my head, behind my ear (this was last week). It’s not crazy though. I also use prescription strength retin A on my face to keep looking young (which everyone should use). I only get the acne when I stop Retin a on vacations.

If you don’t know what retin A is, it’s literally the only known cream that reverses the signs of aging. 99% of every cream out there is all the same in terms of moisturizing but retin A will reverse wrinkles and sun damage … I’m 45 and look 35 still.


What source did you get it from? If you could pm :slight_smile:


I had been trying 200 IU’s 2x a week and felt pretty decent but haven’t taken it in right at a week. Started feeling like total crap today… depressed, etc… Not 100% sure that’s why but sure seems possible.


A lot of people use way too much hcg. I know at the forums t-nation that many can’t tolorate it at all or only do maybe 100 a week just to keep the plumbing active. I get a really weird depression when my E goes up. Screws up my sleep. My face gets really fat too. My problem is I’m also super super sensitive to anastrizole. I always think I’m amazing at figuring out my E level without a blood test but my last 2 blood tests I had guessed wrong and brought my E too low. If it were me I’d pop a micro amount of anastrizole (like 1/16 or 1/32) and I’d back off a week or 2. The AI won’t help if your over dosing on hcg (I forget the science of why) but it may stop any future E from being converted from your T. Buy some natures way DIM (or any reputable DIM).


I have some Arimidex but was afraid to take it, taking too much sucks. And it doesn’t take much.

I almost just went and got a blood test earlier to see if that was the issue or not but didn’t do it. Guess I really should soon


Well I 100% recommend getting a blood work up to keep your true level logged but they usually take a week to come back. I’d get the test and then immediately take a small amount. I’m hyper sensitive to Anastrizole, so much so that it confuses my doctor. Your safe taking an 8th or 16th. … take a razorblade and cut it into 1/4ths and tjen 8ths and 16ths … you don’t have to be exact and those pills are easy to cut. If I’m high, I feel better in 6 hours. If you guessed wrong and your low it, taking a 16th will only drop you for a week. I’ve dropped my E to under 5 a few times in the early days which is a wretched existence. It takes weeks to feel normal (if I go too low I up my T dosage but that can cause a yo-yo effect)


I agree, def going to get bloodwork done soon. I’ve just been slacking about it. I’ve never had estradiol tested so I really need to do that next week.

In reality I should go to a doc and get everything tested I can under my insurance…


Make sure it’s sensitive E … there are 2 estrogen tests. They say that 99% of all failures of people on TRT are due to poorly controlling estrogen or if you are on the gel, poorly absorbing the testosterone. You will read a lot about the importance of testosterone to estrogen ratio. I have a few friends who tried T and gave up. A friend at work was on the gel for a few months and I think his T went down. He’s one of those that poorly absorbs T in the gel which accounts for a large number of people. Basically he absorbed enough to shit down his natural production but was not absorbing enough to increase it. He is terrified of needles so he is screwed. I have another buddy who tried the shots but only injected 150mg once a week and felt awful because of high E. He was never prescribed an AI. If he just injected 2x a week at a smaller dosage SC he would probably have been fine