Grain feeling in the penis

Does anyone else feel like there’s a grainy feeling in your penis when erect? I can’t really have an erection but when I force it I feel the middle of my dick is grainy like the muscle tissue is dying off it’s really disturbing.

Yeah. Feels absolutely gross.

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Yeah not really sure if it’s muscle wasting or just lack of androgens not giving it fullness. This is a nightmare

I dont think its muscle/tissue wasting because sometimes I have like 100% erection and sometimes its just like you’ve described. Probably some mechanism is fucked and not pushing enough blood to all parts of the penis or whatever… Same thing happens when dick is flaccid, I mean sometimes its full and sometimes its just hanging like a chewing gum. Gross and horrible.

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I now have a definite mass that sits half way down my shaft. If I squeeze half way down my penis, there is clearly a disk like mass… is this fibrosis or atrophy or what?

Have you done any Doppler or Penis scans? I suggest to do it. Maybe there isn’t any real issue, i mean maybe it will turn out as a bloodflow issue and maybe you relax a bit. I will do my scans in few weeks. Will share my results on a topic. (I don’t have such issues though.)

Can’t get a referral to see a urologist the doctors all think I’m crazy and tell me to see a psychiatrist even though the last 2 blood test show I have muscle wasting my doctor said it’s due to depression can you believe that? lmao the doctors are a joke there’s not much a urologist will do any way they are going to charge $500 for a visit I think I’ll keep my hard earned money at this point I’m done with these scum doctors.

In U.S for real? I think you can just go and ask for a doppler test via faking your condition. Don’t tell you took Fin.

Yeah US I have Kaiser as my health care provider they are known for denying people MRI specialist ect, there are plenty of reviews not only me regarding other health problems they are wicked. There was a story not to long ago of a young girl around my age who had cancer then kaiser finally decided to give her an MRI after months of her pleading with them due to pain and found out she has stage 4 cancer she sued them and won 28 million dollars and had to have her leg amputated due to there negligence.

I can’t see any specialist without a doctor at kaiser giving me a referral.

I have this disc like bulge as well but it’s in the right side just underneath the head on the shaft. What’s weird is that it’s only there in the morning up to a few hours after I wake up

That is extra weird. My disk like mass forms a clear distinction of where my penis sort of ‘stops’ being normal so to speak. Before the disk, my girth is normal, the penis feels normal like it always has. Then after the disk is when the penis looks deflated, and it starts the hour-glass shape. Sensation and girth are all affected. it’as also where I’ve lost length, and where my erections have become noticeably weaker.

This could be blockage? What exactly does fibrosis look like? Anyone else having something similar?

I have the exact same thing.

Very important question! Did you notice the disk as overnight change? Or slowly, noticed after years? Also it appears when flaccid or erect? (Both hourglass and the “disk”.)

Mine only Appears when erect and in the mornings

When did you notice it? Right after your first crash or slowly (developed) after?

Only a 2-3 ago, but I crashed in 2013

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My penis erects to right side when in panties and when naked it has a slightly righ side curve. I have a little line like dent on the lower right middle on my penis. But i never know if its related to Accutane or not.

Because i just noticed it after 3 years! Whoever i talk they say their penile curvature or changes appeared OVERNIGHT. Not in a period of years of slowly worsening… soo i hope its not Acc. related in my case. Maybe its the natural appearance.

If anyone experienced some bending, dents, curves when erect or hourglass shape when flaccid and AFTER some time from your crash, please contact with me. I need to collect some information for further understanding of our situation.

Happened overnight when I took Fin.

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Feels like this has happened over the course 2 weeks to a month @Cooper

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