Got perscribed Loprox (ciclopirox olamine 1%) should I use it? I know ketoconazole has caused many crashes

Went to the doctor about my crash last month and they seem to have some kind of fungal infection. any mention of 5 alpha reductase inhibitors was swiftly disregarded. I was perscribed loprox to treat a fungal infection but I’m worried about it crashing me even harder considering that most antifungals have strong anti-androgenic properties. thoughts?

I think avoiding 'azole creams is a good idea.

It’s possible that this could worsen your condition. Some people have had significant worsening with creams as you say.

If it inhibits 5ar, avoid it.

I had shrinkage 5 years after getting PFS. I was using conazole shampoo at the time.

I Have the same problem, I have PSSD from Citalopram and twice a year I get mycosis on the shoulders and back, the only way for temporarily resolve this problem was to use a cream with Clotrimazole (canesten) for a few days. I never had side effects from this cream, but now I read that it is very dangerous, what could I use as a substitute a cream with Nystatin it is ok?

there are some here who got pfs from topical finasteride

I crashed from the shampoo regenpure Dr which contains saw palmetto extract and ketokonzole it definitely goes systemic

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oh no, that really sucks :pensive:

I use piroctone olamine for so long. It’s not 5ari as far as i know. Its way weaker than ketoconazole. I tried them both. And i did not get any hair growth experience with PO as some study says so you should be fine.

any antiandrogenic effects though?

I use piroctone olamine for a while now too, can’t say it has any sides and as far as I’m aware there is no reported antiandrogenic effect of any kind noted with it (correct me if I’m wrong).

Not that i noticed, but anyways im searching for natural solution, cuz i’m paranoid. PFS is killing me. My colleague is washing his hair last 10 years with zinc pyrithione which is DHT blocker and he is still hyper sexual, so I don’t know man…

I don’t think here we are talking about a product for androgenetic alopecia or hair loss. But of a cream that can be used to remove mycosis and fungal infections, stay with the skin spots and signs of mycosis sucks, azole creams seem to be dangerous, I wonder if mycostatin cream is safer and better tolerated?

Well octopirox or Piroctone olamine is beside zinc most used ingredient in anti dandruff shampoos. Not many people use creams with octopirox, because dermos mostly prescribe azoles which are such a poison …