Good Movies Thread

As we approach holidays and have more down time, I figured we could share good movies we’ve watched lately so we can check em out during the down time.

The King - I enjoyed it, and it has nice battles and sword scenes.

Dallas Buyers Club this will remind you of PFS! It’s about a man with HIV who sells treatment for it (illegally) to other patients to get them to live longer.

Marriage Story This one is about a divorce. I thought it had great acting and it made me emotional. Good movie.

Roma I heard this was an amazing movie, but I didn’t feel very moved by it. I don’t regret watching it though.

The Irishman Mafias and Unions in the USA during 1950’s! It’s 3.5 hours long, but I was entertained the entire time. It’s realllly good.

Anyone got any good suggestions?


Nice suggestion (although I’m a bartender so my holidays are consumed with more work, not less hah). Have you seen Once Upon A Time In Hollywood? My favorite movie last year, Brad Pitt’s character is such a badass, it inspires me to be more of a badass :blush:

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I haven’t - I’ll put that on my list for this xmas!

Some other really good movies I’ve seen this year include parasite (my favorite of the year), Ford v Ferrari, and I’m really excited for uncut gems. Watchmen which just ended on HBO is some of the most interesting tv I’ve watched in years

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True Romance. A gem from the 90s.
Directed by Tony Scott (Top Gun) and written by Quentin Tarantino.
Christian Slater
Patricia Arquette
Val Kilmer (Elvis)
Samuel L. Jackson
Gary Oldman
Dennis Hopper
Christopher Walken
Brad Pitt
Michael Rapaport
James Gandolfini (Sopranos)
Bronson Pinchot (Perfect Strangers,Balki)
Tom Sizemore & Chris Penn
Ive never seen a movie with this many actors, starts a little slow but really gets going after that.
I think its on Crackle.

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