Good doctor in Austin, Texas?

Hello all. I live in Austin, and I am looking for a doctor who is interested in helping people with PFS. All of the docs I have seen think this is a mental issue and do not give credence to PFS being a real condition. Thanks for any recommendations!

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Only one doctor in Texas is listed on the PFS Foundation website.


Peter M. Thompson, MD
Mood Disorders Research and Treatment Division
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
El Paso, TX, USA
CONTACT: Paulina Rodriguez

Hey man, I’m in Austin as well. I have been suffering for about 6 years now and finally decided to go extreme. I have been following a combination of CHI’s and CDsnuts protocol with meditation, yoga, and weight lifting/running a lot. I advise you do this as well.

BUT, the doctor to really get me on track was Dr. Luepnitz. The guy is very intelligent and knows a lot about the human body.

Check him out,

Dr. Glen Luepnitz
1104 Research Blvd, Austin, TX 78759
(512) 244-1881

I can honestly say that I have made strides and feel almost normal. It may be due to the supplements he gives me but I also believe it has a lot to do with being mindful and practicing being the healthiest and cleanest I can be. I will beat this. I feel that I am so close.

Feel free to contact me with questions

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Hi, could you tell us what your doctor did for you?

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I’m not recovered by any means, let me be clear. I am still suffering and trying my hardest to win.

First I gave him my raw genetic data from 23andme

My doctor just explained how my body is working now bc of this drug and he is not someone that has cracked the code either. He is just willing to try things and help the process. He gave me a list of supplements to get on, theanine, 5-htp, NAC, Ashwaganda, vit D, vit C, Omega 3, methyl b12, tryptophan and methyl folate. All things that help. The rest is all me.

I have done a lot of research myself on liver cleansers and tinctures, tea’s and eating correctly. I have created a little protocol for myself and have been sticking to it for the last 5 months. I still have a ways to go.

This doctor just gave me hope, plain and simple

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That’s interesting, that he worked with your 23andMe data (please submit this by the way: Important Announcement: Two Community-Led Research Projects - Please Participate ).

I’m sure it’s difficult to remember the detail, but what did he say about how your body is working now? Could you ask again at a future appointment?

One of the things I think about is how the body adapts to the condition. Does it get better at working with the changes that have occurred or do the changes resolve slowly?

My thought is that if the drug is out of the system within a day, what do the improvements some see with time mean? If the former, you’re on a knife edge and need to live your life conservatively, the idea being that you could worsen your situation significantly with slight exposure to a 5ARI. If the latter, you could gradually relax your routine to normality.

I’d be interested to know if you were given any insights to that effect, but also would be interested in any of the doctor’s thoughts.

Just wanted to say that I’m also from Austin and I’ve had the same luck with every doctor I’ve seen. Was considering making a trip to Houston to see the urologist that is heading the Baylor study but I’m not sure if he knows enough about PFS to recommend any kind of treatment protocol yet.

@AustinParis could you get back to me on some of the things I asked in my previous post please? :slight_smile:

@SunnyDay have you found a good doctor in this Austin area yet?

He hasn’t signed in since the 18th November, unfortunately.

Was hoping he’d see my reply in his email or something. Just want to find a doctor here that will at least research pfs before trying to deal me antidepressants as a solution.

Sorry, hopefully he’s got notifications switched on.

I’d send a pm too just in case!

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@AustinParis any update?