Good days follow bad days


I’m on a downer right now.

At the end of last week my sleep was almost back to normal, my erections were constant, solid and had been for a while, and then to top things off, my relaxed size went back to normal.

On Saturday morning, I felt convinced this was all over. I realised I felt completely normal and had done for a few days.

By Saturday evening, I’d started getting some little twinges in my groin. And now my sleep is poor again. Yesterday I had around an hour of feeling lightheaded and detached from the world. I’m aware of a lack of libido and response to it now too. I know these symptoms are so mild as to be almost non existant for some e people here. I hope you’re feeling ok.

Through this whole period, I’ve had ups and downs and ultimately I’m in a better position than a month ago. It’s disappointing and saddening to have had things slip back from a positive state but I think that my condition will improve again. If it can so quickly go from essentially fully recovered to this, I have no doubt that the changes we are all dealing with are temporary. If you are concerned that you have irreparably changed things, look to the many stories of temporary but complete recovery that you can find here.

Once we have funded more studies and found out more detail of the mechanism at work I am certain that treatment will lead to recoveries that will be both quick and complete. If you’re reading this and want to help, please register and post your story here. The larger and more active this community gets, the better for us all. Please also consider regular donations to the foundation.


If you are already having good days so early i expect your full recovery wont take long :wink: i still miss having a good day though…


I agree, Greek I’ve been following your story pretty closely, I think your on a path to recovery. Just need to get your sleep dialied in and Im sure the rest is going to fall into place


What a difference a few days makes, I’m feeling much better and my sleep was better last night too.

I’ve had some really long, hard days at work this week - I don’t know if that helped me sleep better or not, but I thought I’d put it out there.

I think @Pete1989 is right, sleep is a really big part of feeling better.

Thanks for your replies, guys. These little interactions make a big difference to me.