"Go-to" songs to fight depression and anxiety

Hey brothers,

Was wondering if everyone can share some songs that have helped you with depression, anxiety, motivation…

I am not doing so hot right now. Constantly in my head and ruminating about this situation. I think music is powerful and often helps me in my darkest hours.

Right now, three songs that are helping are:

-The Cage by Sonata Arctica (great energy and euphoric feel to it)
-Point of No Return by Silent Force (very relatable to this situation)
-The Theme from the Conversation (weird dark jazzy song but for some reason I can relate to it)

The first two have elements of fighting and hope.


Depends on what you’re into I guess. But here are some of the slower/calmer albums that I like to put on –

  • “So Flows the Current” by Patrick O’Hearn (very soothing, not too cheesy instrumental music)
  • “The Köln Concert” by Keith Jarrett (completely improvised piano solo – takes you on a journey)
  • “Disintegration Loops” by William Basinski (not for everyone, but these albums can be really meditative and make you forget about your body for a while)
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“Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles (maybe too pop-y for some people)
“Joy to the World” by Three Dog Night
“All Star” by Smash Mouth (probably just makes me smile because of all the memes about it.)

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I sang All Star at karaoke once lol

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Any song from the time when I didn’t have PFS. It’s my only source of positive emotions - remembering how I used to feel.


Mika- Relax, take it easy.

Kinda off topic but i also want to share a movie called “The Invitation 2015”. It is about trauma and past regrets. I was really reliefed in the final. I recommend.

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The whole album “Kids see Ghosts” with Kanye West and Kid Cudi is amazing, specially “reborn” and “Cudi Montage”

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Mos Def Umi Says

Five Finger Death Punch - Bad Company / Wash it all away

Anything Metal is perfect if you want to get in the mood to f**k things up :grinning:

Light up the night brothers and sisters - light up the night