Someone suggested I start a thread on glucosamine. I have had 2 benefits from it and I havent noticed a tolerance to it

  1. It has reduced my joint pains (mostly in my knees)

  2. My sleep is noticeably deeper. I assume my joint pain was part of my sleep problems. I remember before and after I quit propecia, I felt like my bones were aching at night (thats the best I can describe it). I have skipped glucosamine some nights and I dont sleep as well. Keep in mind, this is only a couple of months of this supplement

I have been buying the cheap stuff from Walmart and taking 2 pills a night

Anyone else noticed benefits or side effects from it? I have read that this supplement can cause problems if you overdo the dose…do your research

Is glucosamine basically a “digestive enzyme”/helps you digest proteins and fats?

funny i stumbled on this thread after i previously posted on it. glucosomine is one of the pre cursor’s the body’s ability to create stomach acid. glutamine + fructose converts into stomach acid with the help of glucosomine.

has anyone else taken it and noticed any improved symptoms?

it’s very interesting that glutamine is a major precursor to GABA (think sleep issues/anxiety)… and glutamine and glucosomine have this relationship in making stomach acid(think digestion issues)…

I’ve been trying this for a week. My 3rd core symptom (after poor sleep and sexual sensitivity issues) has been some dripping after urination…I’ve read this can be to do with inflamed prostate and ties into theories PFS is an autoimmune issue.

Apparently glucosamine reduces inflammation. Don’t know if it will last but this has been my best week bar none for this issue, the closest I’ve got before has been Boron (for a few days and not as effective). The function of my pelvic floor feels different, more relaxed.

I tend to trial things and did do 1 dose of Arginine and Citrulline last Sat and 1 BCAA and tyrosine last Sunday. I also did 1 dose of PEA (also claimed to help this issue) Friday but it made me anxious.

So it’s not 100% certain it’s glucosamine but it’s the only thing I’ve taken daily.

What symptoms have improved? What do you mean about the pelvic floor

Normally I feel like I’ve finished urinating but when I sit down after or something more drops come out. Nothing ridiculous but enough to feel it and be peturbed/want to dry myself slightly

I feel more downwards push when peeing, like the muscles are emptying me out better (!) and I’m dry after, for now

Has it helped sexual symptoms? I may try it

No I don’t think it has
I bought this, pretty cheap

Still feeling the difference 10 days in. It’s crazy whatever it is, it’s day and night. Tbh I’d absolutely resolve sexual symptoms and sleep issues over the urination but I’ll take it. If it lasts it’s a total win at the moment, 80%+ resolution, I’m very very surprised.

Weird …
I will try, because when I read “it worked for me” I cannot do nothing and wait. I just have to try, because the pain is unbearable (I have sexual issues, but the pain is atrocious. So when someone like you says “it worked” I suppose a lot of guys like me want to try.
And that’s a problem, because we don’t know what we are doing. I’m not blaming, it’s wonderful that something is working for you. But it can make other people situation go worse.
So you say nothing and keep your successful progress for yourself and don’t tell anything to anyone ? No …
But I just wanted to say that. I’m tired of trying everything, everything, getting worse years after years. I should wait and do nothing. But my pain urges me to do something (stupid). I will try, it won’t do a thing, but … fuck.
Hope you’re still doing good, and sorry for my message, I took a lot of alprazolam (10mg) so maybe I should erase that.
Good luck.

No worries! Just be aware it’s the specific issue of leaking a bit after urination for me, I didn’t have pain or anything else etc. For £6 it’s one of the cheaper supplements you’d try anyhow. Also of course I can’t be sure it’s this that fixed it but I’ve had the issue consistently for more than a year and the timing of resolution (if it stays resolved) was within a couple of days of taking this.

Yeah. If it make things worse for me, it won’t matter anymore at this point. A step closer to the end.

It just comes from shellfish so think of it as eating a lot of those. If it doesn’t work you can just stop. Feel free to message me if you need to chat, sending you very best wishes. You sound like a good guy :slight_smile:

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Day 2. Nothing to report. Still having the exact same symptoms.
I’m taking 1858mg once a day. I will take it for 1 month and drop it if no positive development.

V sorry to hear that. It took less than a week for me (I think 3 or 4 days) so that may be the best marker.

I’ve halved my dose to half a tablet last few days to see if benefits retain, so far they do.

Thinking of trying this for joint pain and potentially health extending benefits. Is this safe to take? Anyone develop adverse effects from this?

I’ve read MSM is a methyl donor as it’s in the name so I am staying away from that.