Gland very deflated


My gland is deflated, insensible, became very small from flaccid! :frowning_face:
Who has an equal problem? :frowning_face::frowning_face::frowning_face: My penis is really dead!

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You’ve started a few threads regarding what has happened to your penis. It’s probably best if you keep everything in the one thread as it is easier to track. It can feel a bit like duplication around what is really the same issue.


Here I speak of the glans, and I want to know how many have the same problem.


No problem. When I saw you had liked my post I went ahead and moved your posts to an existing thread but I see that you have edited your first post and provided further clarification. I can understand your strong need to reach out to try and resolve something that’s currently broken. I think that things can feel even worse when you are in crisis mode, although it is understandable why you are feeling as you are. Try not to allow your upset to further undermine your health. Take care.

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Lately this problem has gotten worse


Damon, i see you struggle so hard. But what are you doing to improve your symptoms? I suggest to try a waterfast for 2 weeks. I have been searching it lately and try it myself in near future. You gotta try it man. Best regards.


I think sometimes you are hit so hard by this shit I guess it is hard to find some will to take any action. What’s more Demon has has a bad experience by taking Vit D and I guess he might be “paralysed” by trying anything else.


I’m on the same boat… My glans become soft, small and hurt…