Ginseng and cortisol

Ive been doing some reading and it seems that ginseng boost the adrenals and lowers cortisol. Has anyone tried this???

Well, Ive been taking ginseng now for about a week and feel a bit better. More alert, not so damn tired. Im hoping it will help with my adrenals.

Thats the website article I found if anyone is interested. It may help…along with whatever regimen you guys are taking.

I swear by Ginsana. After about 3 weeks on it my long-distance endurance goes through the roof. It’s like getting a second wind that doesn’t go away. I’ve been using it off and on since 1996. I wouldn’t doubt that it has a favorable affect on adrenal function considering the boost it gives to endurance. It may be doing other stuff behind the scenes also but the most visible and immediate effect is the rise in endurance I highly recommend this product as the real thing.

Did this cure you? Another user tried Red Korean Ginseng specifically along with Arginine and said he recovered