ginger and Ginkgo Biloba?


I have a friend who suffers from ed due to propecia.He is taking ginger and he says that It is helping him.

Is ginger any good? has anyone tried it?

Also, has anyone tried Ginkgo Biloba? any good for ed issues?

Thanks guys.

I’ve been taking a multi-vitamin with 240mg of Ginkgo in it for the past month and a half… haven’t noticed any improvement.


Yes tried both. Ginger is good for circulation and so is ginko. Good but not cures…

Martin, how long did you use ginger for and what type did you take ie raw or cooked root or a supplement type formula?

I drink ginger tea fairly often now, and it gives me a little boost I am sure gingko is good too but at the end of the day these will help a little bit and only temporarily. I have stopped wasting my money on fancy supplements, and I just encorporate healthy things into my normal diet.

I make a raw ginger and honey tea a few times a week before bed. Been doing this for about a year. It definitely puts me to sleep and warms the stomach. I stopped taking ginko probably 2years ago because I would just get headaches after a few months.

I use fresh ginger very often when cooking many of my meals. I have no improvement from it all, sorry to say.

How much is your friend taking? Is he taking a massive dose. Ginger is very strong and normally people only use a small amount of it. I would be curious to know how much of it he’s using.

In my case saw palmetto syndrome Ginger helped to alleviate testicle pain and also betterment of sexual function …although one reason may also be due to leaving the supplement but still ginger takes some part in improvement …