Getting out of bed

This is a big issue for me. I often wake up groggy and lay in bed for hours and hours. Scroll my phone and listen to podcasts and YouTube. I spend 70% of my life horizontal. With no motivations, no purpose and feeling like absolute shit all the time Im wondering how most people in the throws of this actually start thier day? I have never been a morning person but I’m often not putting my feet on the floor until 5pm. Sometimes i lay in bed all day. Sometimes for days. But ya what are some tips or tricks to actually drag yourself up and out the door? I really need help with this and I feel it’s a valid symptom


I can give you some advice from a book I read called The Morning Miracle by Hal Elrod.

First off, there is a quote from that book which I like, “the first hour is the rutter of the day.”

He makes a clear point that there are basically two options for starting a day on the right foot…

  1. Get into workout clothes and hit the gym, start running, do yoga…
  2. Get up and take a shower

I believe he also recommends drinking a glass or water with lemon and a pinch of salt shortly after waking, but I may be confusing this with another book.

Anyway, just get out of bed and follow either path 1 or path 2. Also, if you bring your phone into the bedroom in arms length for when you wake up, you’ve already lost. Keep that damn phone in another room.


Hey bro, did you get my message?

I spent my first one and a half year like you! Than I got care level three and three times a week comes a daily helper service and I have to stand up in the morning.

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I dont believe I did

I could use one of those

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These are great tips. I will no longer keep phone in my room


You inspired me to leave my phone in the living room while sleeping. Even whatever waves the phone gives up probably isn’t good.

And the water thing even if there is no proof is probably a great idea because we’ll water on an empty stomach is never a bad idea but also the lemon and salt provide electrolytes so you be nice and hydrated

I’m so guilty of staying in bed wayyyy to long on my days off. Then 3 hours pass and it’s almost lunch time and I feel the day is wasted

I always said do a bunch of shit in the morning
Eat well
Drink water

You’ll feel way more accomplished and you’ll appreciate your firm time at night much much more

But I do understand what we’ve been going through makes it very easy to get into bad habits
It’s not an excuse but I understand as I’m guilty

We just gotta try harder and a few weeks of good habits you’ll be fine in that regard

Good luck boys