Getting off of TRT


I think it’s time I come off of TRT it’s been almost 8 months now with no success, I am so messed up right now beyond belief, my genitals seems to be shrinking again my testicles are retracting into my body the fatigue is so bad I feel like I’m 100 years old and I’m only 24 my joints are blown out. I don’t respond to HCG either. Does anyone know how badly I will crash if I come off of TRT? I’m destroyed right now and don’t know how much worse I will be coming off.

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How long have you been onTRT?


Around 8 months now


Well, I would assume ( and take this with a pinch of salt until someone who isn’t guessing arrives) that the treatment hasn’t been effective for you because the issue is the way that your body uses testosterone, not how much of it there is.

Because of that, I’d assume that you shouldn’t need to worry about a crash.

Have you spoken to the prescribing doctor? It’s unlikely they will know what to do, but worth talking about before you make a major change.


Did you try being on a high dose of Tribulus before you started TRT? My understanding is that Tribulus stimulates endogenous production of testosterone so it doen’t shrink your testes? I have found it moderately effective so far in improving all PFS symptoms, although I am reserving judgment for a couple of months while I am experimenting.


I’ve talked to the doctor about it not effecting me recently, I might ask him if I can lower the dose and slowly taper off with time, I’ll see what he says.


I’ve never used tribulus what brand are you using I’m willing to try it


Medi Herb is a common brand that others have had some success with

You can also do the normal PCT route that body builders use, i.e. clomid/HCG to get things going again.

As was stated earlier, the problem doesn’t really seem to be the amount of testosterone we have, more that our bodies don’t use it properly… so I doubt you’ll feel that bad.

If you do decide to try clomid I would keep the doses as low as you can, it can have some side effects with vision, etc.

Some have even felt better with LESS testosterone and DHT for some reason, so I wouldn’t automatically assume you will be way worse. There are too many unknowns with this disease.

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I am using one by Muscletech that has 90% saponins. 750mg.