Get ready for more men with PFS because of hims


I’m surprised no one has discussed this here yet but I kept getting ads from a company called “hims” for a hair treatment for balding on facebook, instagram, and virtually every social media platform: I finally decided to check it out because a friend talked about it once. Its a slick looking new company selling not only solutions to baldness with finastride as part of its treatment but also ed pills for sexual dysfunction. How fucking ironic. Young men will be turning to this website by the droves with its constant advertisement, cheap products, and modern-designed website. The worst part is it doesn’t even require a doctors visit for the finasteride prescription just an online assessment at checkout probably with zero warnings about the drug’s side affects. Do they not know the dangers of finasteride? This fucking company needs to be taken down!


:laughing: You’re joking right

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Is this the plan to kill the male? Vor to build up a market for the upcoming cure? Who is behind that Website?
Yeah, this way (due to both products) the probability of getting pfs seems much higher.

In my eyes, as said before, this whole thing is part oft the plan.

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At first glance it looks like an aging feminist with an addiction to younger college-aged negro pet boyfriends owns that “company” (website). When it says “We here at forhims believe…” it means “Me and my cats and my $2000 worth of Chinese fin tablets that I invested in this business”.





Here’s an almost identical site: - again I see this on facebook and hims is all over tinder. Both selling finasteride


This is a shitty thing to say but more people taking fin isn’t a bad thing cure wise. The more people that get side effects, the more complaints about it eventually leading into studies about cures. And you especially need young men to take it cause while most older men take finasteride for enlarged prostates, they’ll attribute their side effects to age and not the drug. But young people won’t, they’ll rightfully blame the drug.

People won’t take this drug seriously unless they get side effects unfortunately.


I just googled “propecia is dangerous” and what do i get:

“Scientific studies show that finasteride is safe”… Why is everything a pile of lies these days?
I suggest that everyone presses the feedback link to let Google know that this information is misleading. They are probably paying for this, but nevertheless. If many will report, Google might react. Hope dies last…


It’s not just Hims, there are plenty of identical companies now that I see advertising the same services, such as keeps, roman, and a few others I’ve heard on podcast advertisements. They even market sertraline as a treatment for premature ejaculation ffs…


Can’t cum prematurely if you can’t get an erection…


haha i can since pfs :joy: soft penis but still able to “cum”


“Anything can write anything on google” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


That’s what our species is!


Lol “side effects happen to very few men, and we’re here to help you if it does.”

I’m assuming by help they probably prescribe you the sertraline because you’re probably just depressed.

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We should all comment on the video and link to this website. I left the first comment, I’m sure it will be deleted.


already there are tons of websites and forums warning people about dangers of propecia/fin, imao it might sound cruel but let more people get pfs to see what MERCK/FDA has to say about it…


People are going to do what they want to do anyways but if I can prevent at least one person from getting this shit disease and possibly killing themselves because of it then I’m going to keep telling people not to use finasteride

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Left them a comment looks like they swiftly deleted it

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I had a strange thought the other day about the FDA removing propecia from the market.

If they do this and everyone’s refills run out, a million men will have their AR’s flooded with DHT and you may have 10-20k people get PFS. Would be a bizarre nightmare.


They’re deleting comments.