Gents93 story - Post Aromatase Inhibitor Syndrome


we dont know how this could happen
my friend who knows a bit of epigenetics concluded that certain genes have been methylated so the signl is no longer sent
he doesnt respond to alcohol,modafinil,proviron,tramadol etc…
im the same
we also have heavy sexual dysfunctions
we are going to try to demethylate these genes with demethylation agent called azacitidine
this agent is conciousy chosen because it goes into RNA and RNA exists in all cell cycles therefore will touch and demethylate every cell by his assumption
I proposed a combo of DA(demethylating agent) + HDAC I(Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor) for bigger eficency
the HDAC I touches every cell for shure he told me that

if u want more info regarding this theory and testing u can PM me



When is the plan for that? Has anyone done it before ?


Plan for trying demethylating agents? This is malignant cancer treatment man. Never, I hope there is no plan. Please don’t try this.


I was answering zadigg as he said they’re trying things, not myself but hopefully they know this as well thank u


I understand. And he knows this, I just hope he will reconsider. Chemotherapy should be at the bottom of the list of things to try in hopes of resolving PFS. I’m honestly wondering why this is even a topic of discussion.




plz stop spreading false facts regarding my specificaly proposed chemo drug
people use it for year 3-4 yrs on cancer forums
thats how much cycles u can count ur self
children have used aza for 31+ cycles etc…
ur hair doesnt fall and u have nausea and vomit which is controled by anti emetics
the scary thing is if it doesnt work not the side effects
the side effects stop when u stop the drug
although organ damage may occur and thats scary i agree


What false information did I spread? Honestly, do what you want. Just be careful. For anyone else considering chemo as an option to your PFS, here is your enourmous list of side effects to consider:


get this HDAC stuff out of my thread please