Genetics study: Sample collection to begin

That’s great. You can apply here:

Thank you!

Test kit back in the mail today. Thank you, Sugarhouse for your work here.


Hello brother, may I ask how your test package passed through customs? I encountered some trouble

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I contacted the company that provides the testing package, and they told me not to worry, they will handle everything well

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Awesome work! Thank you!

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I believe certain countries are going to have some hiccups with shipping - seems we’ve run into a couple with China & Canada so far. Dante Labs are responsive and seem to be handling it, but if you aren’t getting a timely resolution please escalate to us via email at and we’ll get it sorted.


Sample en route. Please ship the cure back using the pre-paid label thx


I used the little blood sucker yesterday. Will now try to get it to FedEx which is not so easy in Germany as it is the least common parcel service. One question: will participants also get individual feedback based on their genetics or will the probe be solely used for the study?

Just completed mine today…in process of mailing back…A bit cumbersome but not too bad…

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Blood collection performed and shipment done. In my opinion quite easy. I’m not exaggerating, at least in my case I didn’t notice the prick of the blood collection device (I thought it would hurt, but no).

I recommend checking your spam folder because Dante labs sent me important supplementary instructions (basically where to dispense the package) that landed in my spam folder.


I just packaged up my sample and will drop off today. I didn’t know if I was supposed to register the device or not with Dante. I did register it just to be safe. Will this be a problem?

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Mine was just delivered today back to Dante…


I just got the email so everyone should be notified when they receive by the lab…says it goes through quality inspection next hopefully it passes and you don’t have to do it over…it’s been several days the 27th of December I believe and shipping it so far so…


Hey I’ve got my package from Dante labs, followed all instructions. After 2,5 minutes I almost felt like passing out, I stopped the blood extraction process. Would this be sufficient or do I have to re-do it again?

I think it said if you could see the blood in the bottom of the collection pod that would suffice

I left mine on 5 minutes but it was not all the way full…

The best thing to do would be contact Dante Labs support team directly if you’re having issues. We will just be following their instructions here. If you can PM me to share your email, I’ll loop you in on an email with them.

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PM’ed you!

Tracking shows delivered 1/2 but I didn’t get a followup email from the lab.

Did anyone else?

Mine still says awaiting quality control inspection

same here. My kit was delivered last week to dante