Genetics report

Just another stab in the dark I suppose. I have no theory in particular so just trying to understand and educate myself as much as possible. I know PFS is still bit of a mystery but the genetic or hormonal markers are there somewhere, something connects us, its just locating it.
Recently paid to have a genetic report carried out specifically focusing on genes and enzymes possibly linked to our condition. I’ve attached the results.
Has anyone else done something similar or would be willing to take something similar to compare findings?
I’m aware some guys took part in the 23andme testing, was that similar to this or not as in depth?

Main findings

  • missing the GSTM1 gene, which is responsible for neutralising toxins & pharmaceutical drugs
  • male pattern baldness gene present
  • increased enhancement of binding oestrogen
  • less active 5AR2 gene / less conversion of test to DHT
  • a gene linked to the resistance of finasteride
  • reduced receptivity to vitamin D
  • poor methylator

If nothing else its a really good read to be honest, informative and educational on how the body uses hormones and enzymes.
Have a look and let me know what you think.

*admins I’ve had to upload this as images rather than a file, is that the only way of doing it or am I missing something? thanks


Now this is amazing!

I was also planning to make androgen receptor gene test and I provide it to the admins, maybe it can be archived for future studies, who knows

Yea mate i was impressed with it too.

The cost was around £200 if anyone was interested in doing it, took around 6 weeks to get the results.

Thats cool! Do they make androgen receptor gene test too? And did they reveal how many repeats your AR gene has? (short/medium/long) ?

Image 13 of the report is the only AR gene test they did. I dont think they can check the repeats sorry.

The company website is

Great info! Thanks for sharing!

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Has anybody else done this test? I’m interested of what kind of results people got about their AR.

Thanx for sharing.

I have double doubts about doing such a test.

It gives you insight in what is “wrong”. On the other hand, what is the added vallue to know you have some defects that can’t be repared. I think when i know my defects i will think about it more often which makes me more depressed.

It would i.m.o. only useful if this kind of test were done on large groups to find a protocol.

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I have also ordered a test from IGene.


Please share with us as soon as possible man. @pokertje

This is a great finding and i don’t understand why no one did this before?? Holy cows!!

We need to do this as a community as soon as possible.

The admins in this forum should contact with the company and encourage members, i think this might lead to a huge understanding of PFS and PAS.

@andras33 Im waiting for your own results, please do it as soon as possible :pray:

I wish i was in UK, damn!! I can’t do this test here.


Sure buddy, but I’ll havent done yet.
I’m sure you can do that test too , you just have to make contact with this testing company, they will prolly sent you a kit in which you have to send back to UK your saliva samples, and thats it!

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Yeah now im trying to find a company who does this in Turkey too. Let’s see.

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as more as we do AR related gene tests and share it at this forum, we could provide scientist a lot of material FOC

I don’t think it make sence if we provide scientist material from topics by ourself. It would make more sence if the foundation collect central the tests and share it with one doctor.

…you mean share it with a scientist, not a doctor

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Yes, thanx for the addittion

Sure man, i had to cause i hate them from the bottom of my heart, since PFS

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