Gene in the brain of men controls sex drive, study finds

"Researchers from Northwestern University found that aromatase is produced by a single gene, called Cyp19a1, opening up potential routes to target the enzyme.

By successfully isolating the gene responsible for creating the enzyme, researchers hope to develop drugs to treat male sex addiction and low libido."


Fck, that is great news.


I don’t take these kind of news seriously, not anymore. I mean how many times did we hear about scientists finally figuring out a gene that will lead to development of a cure to ( bla bla bla insert whatever you like… baldness; longevity; diabetes; intelligence; short stature; short eye sight, obesity, autism etc etc etc). I’m thankful they didn’t mention rats, though :smiley:


I take each item with a grain of salt. The mice that had the aromatase gene knocked-out were still sexually active to some degree.

Many traits are dependent on a complex network of genes. Especially traits like “libido” that might depend on many aspects of sexuality working together.