Gel Andractim !


Sorry I’m writing in this section but I have not seen section for the purchase/sale of drugs on this forum. I’m looking for gel ANDRACTIM 2,5% 80 mg. My doctor told me about it but but in Poland it is not available.
I really need this gel so if anyone of you can get it I would like to buy it.

I’ll be grateful for any help


I know it is selled in france and here in Italy u can find it in SAN MARINO … try to search about this on google .


I have read on penis exercise forums about guys using this stuff to increase their penis size, apparently with good success.

I have a theory that this could be an aid for us to prevent and possibly reverse penile atrophy as a result of finasteride use.

Some thoughts:

I know alot of guys have talked about dht gel desensitizing the HPTA, but: i believe that you would only need to apply a very small amount because you would only want a localized effect on the penis. Also you would cycle it in the same way that a steroid user would cycle roids.

What do you guys think? i think i’m gonna get some cause i’m really paranoid about losing my manhood.


keep us posted


Well i thought i’d give an update on this because i’ve noticed something interesting:

i’ve been applying a small drop of the andractim to my penis occasionally just before i go to bed. and while it’s too early to say if it has effected the size or anything, one thing i have noticed is that i get consistent morning wood every time i do this. every time.

now, apart from simply being nice to wake up with morning wood i think this might have more important implications. could this back up the theory of low 5ar2 activity in the genital skin having a hand in sexual side effects?

ok, unfortunately i haven’t been able to test my DHT or Adiol G just yet, my doctor didn’t believe a word i said about fin sides, don’t worry though i plan to in the future.

but what i’m saying is, alot of guys here have normal or even high levels of DHT, so it seems strange that such a small amount of DHT applied locally would cause such a strong physical reaction, unless there was very little DHT in these tissues to begin with.

i know this speculating is essentially meaningless without my blood results for DHT and 3 Adiol G but i just wanted to put this idea out there. perhaps if other people wanted to give this a try and see what kind of effect it has, i’d be especially interested to see the effect on someone with a confirmed elevated blood level of DHT.


This is interesting, a guy on the Yahoo forum used (was prescribed by an andrologist) Andractim and Cialis and reported recovery after a long period with ed. If DHT receptors at penile tissue have been damged it makes sense that this would have some impact. Minid you I think awor used it without much effect.


On my ‘Recoveries’ thread, I have posted a scientific paper that shows Andractim increases 3Adiol G levels. Please check it out.

Bear in mind that DHT supplementation reduces endogenous LH, FSH and T levels. This means TRT may be necessary if you are considering using DHT supplementation longterm.



Hey JN,

Well i was hoping that by keeping the dosage low and cycling i’d be able to avoid that but i dunno. the gel is 2.5% so i reckon i’d probably be dosing myself about 15-20mg of DHT each time. After you said that though i might go to an even lower dose.

I noticed you said your not interested in gels but what is your opinion about a gel allowing you to target specific tissue? you don’t see this as an advantage over injectables?


this sounds promising not only for penis tissue but prostate also!