Garlic helps a lot

Hello Warriors,
I am eating chopped garlic on an Empty Stomach in the morning early and it is helping me a lot, better than a lot medicines that I tried before.

Thanks yall,
Peace out

you have to wait a least 20 minutes to eat something after.

how much do you eat every day? Maybe I’ll give this a try.

Just curious, why do you recommend waiting 20 minutes?

Garlic helps against all kinds of bugs in your gut. Especially for Giardia Lamblia.

Just eat one teaspoon with a glass of water.
When you eat garlic with empty stomach , Garlic act in your body like a medicine killing all the bacteries in your body. It really helps. Give a try. Wait at least a week to feel the results.

Hey man- did this regimen cure you? I think the gut has a ton to do with all this…