Ganaxolone (New drug in development)

Does anybody know anything about Ganaxolone and whether it would be any benefit to PFS patients?.

Its at stage 2 trial status:

It’s another allopreg analogue, so any of the same potential therapeutic benefits sage217 may have. I dont know about the latter but I remember reading that this one was aiming to allow for long term use.

As Allopregnanolone analogues, Ganaxolone and Sage 217 (presumably), are GABA-A agonists.

The main difference between these and every other GABA-A agonist on the market is that they don’t bind to the same sub-units as Allopregnanolone, therefore having a different effect. This is why although you can use Valium for sleep, Ambien is a usually better choice as it binds to sub-units that cause a hypnotic and sedative effect, vs Valium which primarily provides an anxiolytic effect. I’m not quite sure what combo of sub-units Allopregnanolone would bind to, but it won’t be the exact same as the existing GABA-A agonists, and might thereby provide therapeutic benefits.

Seems like you can already buy:

There’s another site here too:
that says you can buy for research purposes. It’s not fully tested yet and so I wouldn’t recommend trying it at the moment.

The more I read about it for the future it seems to be very similar to brexanolone to be released by SAGE Therapeutics, but will most likely be released after. Looking online investors seem keen on both Sage and Marinus as bio tech stocks, so that seems positive:

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So… who’s got the balls to try this I’ll help you buy it

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would this be up for sale online for “research purposes” after tests are over and they are safe and positive like Sage-217?

would be nice if the studies determine they are safe so we can try this before sage comes out

I think this drug looks interesting for us.

Oral, “safe” in the long term and would really help the ones here with insomnia. I haven’t read any paper on it yet, but if it’s not addictive or comes with diminishing returns I’d like to try it.