GABApentin, specifically as used by Chi


Hi, Chi - or anyone else who can help - I’d been following Chi’s thread for a long time, as I’m sure many of you have. Now that the Theories section is locked, we’re unable to post there, so I hope someone here may be familiar with Chi’s experience with GABApentin.

I’m looking into GABApentin to help with sleep. Chi mentioned that he took it infrequently over the course of a month. This seems to be between August - September 2012 based on his posts. I’m looking for specifics of everything he was doing surrounding this.

  • Exact doses of GABApentin (how many mg, how many times daily)
  • How frequently it was taken (every “X” number of days?)
  • How many days total did he take it
  • What was his exact exercise regimen at the time
  • What was his exact diet at the time
  • Exactly what other medications he was taking at the time
  • What was his level of progress during that month

He was not posting very much during that time, and this was apparently before he had made his 12/04/12 post where he described a regimen of getting up early, morning exercise, and freezing cold showers. So it’s hard to determine what the conditions were under which he was taking GABApentin.

I would have PM’ed Chi about this, but I’m currently trying to get that feature enabled.

Thanks for your help.


Did you ever get any answers or try Gabapentin. I was recently told by a Dr. that it might be a good option to try for sleep.