Gabapentin for deep sleep


Hi guys it has been three and half months since I quit finastride some improvement in mood depression and anxiety but insomnia is not improving i slept 10 nights very deep and soundly during this 3 month period but other days I got 5 and half hour of sleep at a time then another 1.5 hour but I get too much dream and dought that not getting deep slow wave sleep waking slightly unfrashed I am thinking about taking gabapentin for deep sleep will it work if I take it occasionally will I have any withdrawal symptoms


I have used Gabapentin ocasionally… it will work for sleep without using it everyday. You may want to look into Phenibut if your looking for something once or twice a week. Do lots of research. Phenebut can cause dependence very quickly. For sleep, start at 250mg about 2 hours before bed. Work up from there. 500mg is probably the max dose for sleep. Thats what I take twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Phenibut is not available in India but I want to ask will gabapentin give me deep slow wave sleep if I use it occasionally without causing withdrawal symptoms I want to use it twice a week my sleep is like lots of dream and lack of slow wave sleep


I use pregabalin (very similar drug) 2-3x a week with no problems


Does it give you deep sleep I mean slow wave sleep without too much dream


I would try Mirtazapine a couple times a week if you want really deep slow wave sleep. Just because you dream doenst mean your not getting deep sleep. Klonopin can also help. If you use anything only 2-3 times a week you shouldnt have any issues.


Don’t know about gabapentin. Probably safer than benzos at least? If it’s anything like phenibut, then I wouldn’t take it more than twice a week max. Phenibut made me sleep deeper, I felt.

Benzos and z-drugs are scary shit, actually, due to their increased cancer risk. Some benzos are worse than others for increased cancer risk. Z-drugs are particularly notorious for that. I used to take a lot of it. I hope I don’t regret taking any of that more than I did finasteride. Don’t take mirtazapine. Weight gain, brain fog, dementia risk (tetracyclic AD), rebound insomnia upon withdrawal, and people have gotten PSSD from it.


At this point I am desperate to try something for sleep. I am going to ask for gabapentin to be taken twice weekly since I do not know the safety profile of phenibut even though I’ve used it and have some at home. I am desperate enough to even try mirtazapine.


Hey Merck how are you it has been three months since I quit finastride anxiety has improved decently insomnia is also getting better never had any sexual side except ball ocuard size remaining problem are too much dream waking up slightly unrefresh and occasionally bloody stool


And hang in there buddy you will improve


In one or two months, you might feel like your sleep will be back to baseline. That’s what happened to me too when I first quit finasteride. But this is my second time battling with insomnia: Warning about *dark* chocolate/cocoa/cacao (or foods containing high amounts of 5ar inhibiting flavonols)!

I don’t know how long I’ll have to deal with it this time. I’ve had some better days but lately my insomnia has worsened. It’s been 49 days and I haven’t seen any improvement. It only seems it’s gotten worse. Don’t do what I did. Stay away from supplements. Try to avoid 5ari foods and stress as much as possible. Also I think you should get your bloody stool checked if you don’t have hemorrhoids.


What problem currently you are facing right now I would advise you to eat cannabis edible for sleep it is effective


I had a cocoa powder yesterday just pinch of cocoa powder with curd will it cause crash


I don’t want to be the authority on chocolate here now, lol. But I think if you take, like, tablespoons of a high quality cocoa powder a day, then that’s very likely that you’ll run into problems. It turns out that there is resveratrol and probably quercetin in cocoa, both of which when supplemented has caused disastrous outcomes for some of the members here.

You won’t crash from such a small amount, but some people have reported having setbacks from just eating dark chocolate.


Yeah, I don’t know. I am susceptible to weed-induced panic attacks. I’ve tried puffing on indicas for sleep but all it’s ever done was make me too stimulated to go to bed or give me panic attacks.

Maybe I could try different varieties with higher CBD content, but so far I haven’t had any success.


I’ve been on 4.25 mg a day of a benzodiazepine called Clonazepam for a year now. And I don’t even sleep that good. That shit is bad and a year is too long.

I’m addicted and the doctor told me to tapper off on an eight month period !

F#&< that !

However, I found lots of cases of people getting off Benzos using Gabapentin or Pregabalin (they are very similar). Because they act on GABA and benzos too, people get completely clean in 5 days by switching to Gabapentin (there’s a protocole. It’s not that simple).

Gabapentin is less addictive and withdrawal symptoms are less severe and last only a week. I’ve read that it even promotes the growth of new brain cell (if you can believe that !). Pregabalin is even less addictive (some articles say it isn’t) but induce less sleepiness than Gabapentin.

I just bough both today. They’re over the counter drugs in Thailand and generics cost like 10 cents a pill.
I may try one tonight as I just can’t wait, but Friday I get on a benzo detox and switch to Gabapentin in the evening, and Pregabalin in the day if I don’t get too drowsy from it.

I’ll see if I can take it everyday as a replacement for the benzo.