GABA supplementation

The more I read about it, the more I think GABA deficiency is part of our anxiety and brain fog problems. Has anyone taken any GABA supplements with any luck? I’m thinking about ordering some. It’s really cheap.

Im sure you are right, I too think many of us with axiety/brain fog and other mental symptoms are low in GABA. I have taken Valerian and GABA relaxer for a long time, and I feel both have helped me relax better.


Did the GABA help your vision at all?

If you go to a store like GNC for vitamins and supplements, they sell GABA, gluamic acid, and l glutamine. L glutamine can cross the blood brain barrier, but the others can’t, and glutamine turns into glutamic acid which turns into GABA.

What about L-theanine?

I’ve tried it at 100mg, wasn’t too impressed.

I started drinking green tea around the time I started Propecia, and while theanine increased GABA levels as I’ve read and experienced, the effect seems short lived and doesn’t improve my slurred speech side effect at all. On another note, green tea also contains quercetin, which inhibits finasteride from being metabolized because it uses the same enzyme.

Is theanine anti androgen or bad for us?

I’d avoid theanine it brought me temp relief “couple of days” followed by a crash. Gaba worked really well for me for a longtime, improved concentration, better sleep, confidence, great workouts and lean muscle mass this was prior to me knowing I had PFS. I am resistant to it now along with almost everything else .

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I don’t know whether GABA really crosses the brain barrier,but I feel a little better surely by taking GABA.

Anyone on the forum worsened from taking GABA supplements? I am thinking to give it a try but don’t want to make things any worse!