GABA for loose skin. does it work?

“Finally, immunohistochemical analysis confirmed that treatment with GABA dramatically increased the formation of elastic fibers in HDFs. Taken together, our results showed that GABA improves skin elasticity in HDFs by upregulating elastin synthesis and elastin fiber formation.”

The multiple physiological effects of γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) as a functional food component have been recently reported. We previously reported that GABA upregulated the expression of type I collagen in human dermal fibroblasts (HDFs), and that oral administration of GABA significantly increased skin elasticity. However, details of the regulatory mechanism still remain unknown. In this study, we further examined the effects of GABA on elastin synthesis and elastin fiber formation in HDFs. Real-time PCR indicated that GABA significantly increased the expression of tropoelastin transcript in a dose-dependent manner. Additionally, the expression of fibrillin-1, fibrillin-2, and fibulin-5/DANCE, but not lysyl oxidase and latent transforming factor-β-binding protein 4, were also significantly increased in HDFs. Finally, immunohistochemical analysis confirmed that treatment with GABA dramatically increased the formation of elastic fibers in HDFs. Taken together, our results showed that GABA improves skin elasticity in HDFs by upregulating elastin synthesis and elastin fiber formation


Gamma-aminobutyric acid boosts elastin and collagen pretty significantly it seems

has anyone tried it for this reason? or people who have taken it did you notice improved skin quality?

any info much appreciated!!!

Prior to knowing I had PFS I took gabba as a regular supplement.i looked young anyway and had good skin but this tightened up everything I became leaner with no wrinkles on my face whatsoever. People were complimenting me regularly. In hindsight my receptors were probably already sensitive hence the great improvements. It’s definitely worth a try. Sadly I can’t take gabba at all now along with many other supps. My gabba and many other hormones seem to be severely lacking and ive aged dramatically in the last 2 years both facially and pyhsically with loose skin everywhere. Low gabba effects soft tissue even the gums which many report as problematic. If your receptors arent damaged it may work and improve lots of symptoms. However I am no way endorsing it’s use as when I tried it last year in a small amount it blew me apart. I believe It very much depends on disease severity etc.

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hmmm damn it. i got this pretty damn bad i may not risk it. how did i blow you apart if you dont mind me asking

All of the symptoms became acute and I have everyone in the book. I was awake all night covered in sweat and plagued by suicidal thoughts, couldn’t function at all for a week it was hell tbh so a big risk if youre symptoms are bad anyway.

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When severe it’s hard sitting back and doing nothing but I also worry that even mild reaction to supps and foods can cause more receptor damage and accelerate the deteriation I think that’s what’s happened with me. 1mg of melatonin from my GP had a similar effect. Most things I eat cause me problems so it’s not worth it if your in a similar boat.

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i am definitely in the same boat. my soft tissue is pooched beyond what i could have imagined. my gums bleed like mad every time i brush. damn it i was really hopeful. idk i may still try it. my skin is totally unacceptable. did it make your skin worse or just mental stuff?

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Hi mate for years it was the mental stuff, insomnia, E.Dd.Then it got markedly worse 7 year ago when the dry skin and urination probs started then 3 ish years ago my looks got hit ie my features have changed, ageing, gums, skin, subcontaneous fat, nails, suicidal thoughts. I’ve always been slim built with lots of muscle which disappeared overnight, you can pull inches of skin from my face, waist, arms, it’s paper thin and crepes everywhere and j have deep lines across my lower face. It’s a total mess. It’s as though I was severely obese and lost lots of weight my body composition has totally changed. I researched all of the symptoms and they’re related to long-term low gabba knocking into allopregenolone and testosterone.

i am exactly the same. exactly. its horrendous. im curious tho what specifically taking gabba the second time made worse? when you say blew up? did it make your skin more loose or was it just mental sides that blew up? im willing to sacrifice for my skin but if it fucked with ur skin then forget it

I never knew I had PFS and didn’t know about fin as a poison. So in-between I was still taking it on and off which was catastrophic in that it worsened me 7 years ago I’d stopped it to have my son, 4 years ago I stopped it becat of surgery then 2.5 when I found the cause. Stupidly I was still taking minox up until approx 18 months ago was unaware of its dangers too. Pert of me was in denial I didn’t believe this could be real. Second time it amplified my mental sides the loose skin hit seperatley the ageing, muscle loss etc arrived together. I worry it’s still getting worse and hasn’t plateaud.

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How old are you mate

was gunna ask u the same lol. i just turned 35. my skin turned 92

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That’s tough mate has it plateaud at all. Linked if I have pro gabba foods, collagen drinks my gums react massively in terms of further recession, blood, pain. Suggesting the gabba receptors are effected for those with these particular symptoms finding away to turn them back on or desensitising them seems to be the only way forward. The old adage. In the meantime got to hope it settles or slows. Woke up to another dent in my forehead this morning and feeling particularly weak with severe gum discomfort. I took one half of a st Johns wort cap yesterday to try to lessen the heightened anxiety. There are no free lunches with this monstrous disease.


Hippydoof does it feel like your lying on concrete in bed and does the pillow feel hard due to the losses in skin texture and subcontaneous fat?

Im really sorry to hear all of that man.

It’s really bewildering that there’s no medical practice that could even mildly benefit us.

Even the most complex diseases have some sort of treatment to mitigate symptoms. With us, it seems we’re given fuck all. I don’t understand how this is possible.

There’s so much science in the medical literature, countless medicines to help modulate nearly every mechanism in the human body.

There must be a way doctors can diagnose what’s happening to us, at least on a symptomatic level, and provide some sort of treatment.

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Even terminal cancer patients are given drugs and support to lessen their suffering. There is nothing for us but denial in what were going through 24/7. It’s inhumane mate


The less severe cases can wait for a treatment but for some of us this just isn’t an option as we continue to deteriorate and we end up experimenting which is borne out of desperation and is high risk. I guess this is what brings some to the precipice.

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What did your endocrinologist tell you brother?

Isn’t there any detectable markers that are off? This cannot be a completely phantom issue! there must be detectable markers and patterns to this behavior!

Have you speaken to an immunologist or a rheumatologist? Do you have any inflammation or autoimmune markers?

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Good questions inbrugge. After finally coming off fin my test was the only marker that was out. My endo wanted to wait before prescribing t. Over the next 3 months it climbed and returned to normal range. Along that road in the very early days I got wood, hard muscles and drive. As quickly as if appeared it fell away. Nothing returned in that department again. Enter receptor problems. This is where I think other lads actually recover at the 3 month point ie their receptors are temporarily effected. As Ive had rheum arthritis from being a teenager my immune markers have been regularly checked. They spiked all over the place for many years. I now know now they came in check with fin as it lowered t which is an antagonist in rheum symptoms. When taking fin my rheum activity was at its lowest. Having an autoimmune disease muddied the waters as to the cause of my deteriating health. I came off my RA treatment 2 years ago to see if it would positively impact PFS symptoms. Nothing changed no uptick in RA activity either which was down to no test getting through. My immune markers have remained low. I’ve since restarted the RA biological treatment to see if it helps but again nothing has changed. I’d say 5 years ago my PFS would subside slightly when I had my infusion and on that basis I’d say there is a definite autoimmune link. My professor who treats me has been very supportive and stated he feels helpless in what I’m going through. He is aware of Merck and the VIOX shit. As it was prescribed for RA. A lovely guy his only words are " don’t give up you’ve fought RA all of your adult life. Tbh I’m losing the fight my friend.

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It is truly a gruesome condition my friend.

I can only say your existence and fight is an inspiration for me and others on here.

20 years post-fin is a helluva ride. If it helps at all we’re here all in the same boat

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Cheers mate that’s so heartening to read I know there is a few of us fighting to get through each day. Apparently it makes us stronger. If we get out of this nothing would ever pull us down. Major shit for others but a breeze for post PFS people. Each day would be a new beautiful page in life. Maybe this is our test. Who knows :slight_smile:

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