Functional Medicine approach


I will going to set an appointment with a Holistic Dr.
I told him about Anonymous recovey with high dosage of a glucorticoids medication, and he said that inflammation is root of all disease.
I will see if he is willing to try an anti-inflammatory approach with glucorticoids.
Let’s see by when I can set an appointment and I let you know guys.
I have a second conversation he said that he doesn’t take insurance, and the tests are expensive that can go from $2000 to $4000 and the consultation is $500
He said that if he can find out what changed that makes our cell dysfunctional and most of the time he can reversed it.


Great. How’s the survey going?


I did it


Waste of time and money dude…Dont let these guys take you for 2 or 4k…I saw best endocrinologist in California mark Gordon the test and labs cost a fortune just to tell you your hormones are normal…

All they will do is play around with trt, clomid and various supplements designed to increase testosterone…

It’s up to u but no way would I pay that amount for guesses…There is NO reversal for pfs I have ever heard of…

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You are right waste time and money.


Anonymous reversed PFS


Didn’t he mention that his sexual symptoms resolved before even beginning treatment with corticosteroids?


Even if they did, that still means he recovered his symptoms. @holyhead just because your symptoms are permanent doesn’t mean everyone else’s are. Also, If you are sure this is not reversible, why do you spend so much time on this site? I’m here only because I want to get better and I believe I can


His sexual side was reversed after the treatment with methylprednisolone


I wished this mcbbould dude would get off my case on every comment I make here…Never said was not possible I just dont know of it for sure and would hate to see someone get took for thousands of dollars by blood sucking drs…None of them no how to treat and do u really need me to tell u this? It’s pretty obvious or th his site and all these studies would not be needed…Only thing I know for sure helps pfs is “time”…and if u are not careful experimentation with wack drs you will fuck yourself up ten times worse and has caused people here to kill themselves…

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You’re right I apologize and I was hasty in my comment - was a jerk and I’m sorry. Well time and baking soda helped you, right? I know not with all of the symptoms but with some.


Do anybody think that is good idea to take AR insensitivity test ?